September 2023

Teenager shot in studio bites her tongue in quiet contemplation. Shot with DSLR by NYC family photographer Angela Cappetta.

Family Photographer

Family Photographer Dear Lovely One,   Happy birthday to this wise, wonderful, athletic, bilingual sprite. We love you so much. It's been amazing to have you around all the time since you were a fetus. I hope you enjoy these summer portraits marking this

A polisher steam cleans a watch part at Azad Watches on W47th street in the Jewelry District of Manhattan. Shot by Angela Cappetta.

47th Street Photography

47th Street Photography: access to a parallel universe.  This is a hard scrabble street with a lot of stories. It is within limits, that anything is possible. Some businesses here stretch back half a century. Many are generational, adapting as the industry

Chow dog looking out of a first story window against a blue wall. by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops Registration Open: REGISTRATION CLOSED $185 per Session Starts June 5 Contact Paypal and Venmo accepted. Photography Workshops.  Angela Cappetta offers one-on-one remote and in-person coaching, master classes and workshops. She specializes in documentary-style photography projects and portraiture. With evolving photographers, we delve into subjects

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