June 2023

Chow dog looking out of a first story window against a blue wall. by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops Registration Open: REGISTRATION CLOSED $185 per Session Starts June 5 Contact Paypal and Venmo accepted. Photography Workshops.  Angela Cappetta offers one-on-one remote and in-person coaching, master classes and workshops. She specializes in documentary-style photography projects and portraiture. With evolving photographers, we delve into subjects

cappetta_contact sheet_color

The Beauty of Contact Sheets

The Beauty of Contact Sheets: Insight into the Photographer's Editing Process Behind every effective picture, there is a baked-in creative process that involves many invisible steps. One of these steps which is often overlooked (yet unavoidable)  is the function of the

Doing a quick makeup touch up in the summer heat. Far Rockaway, NY. Shot by Angela Cappetta NYC Wedding photographer with a Nikon DSLR.

Shooting with a Leica M6

Shooting with a Leica M6 is a transcendent experience that every photographer should try at least once in their life. The M6 is a legendary 35mm film camera that has become a favorite among photographers for its precision and simplicity.

Thumbnail about The New Yorker article about Angela Cappetta's work in Glendalis.

My First Book

My first book. I'm thrilled to announce that I am developing a book project with Thames & Hudson, Inc.  This photo book is a collection of my work from the project Glendalis, showcasing photography from the ten year period I worked on the

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