3 Products Photographers Swear By. All Under $400.00

3 Products Photographers Swear By

By NYC Location Photographer Angela Cappetta


3 Products Photographers Swear By. Hello! I am so glad to have been asked to mention a few products as a professional nyc wedding photographer that I cannot live without. This isn’t meant to be a review. Furthermore, none of these companies paid me to mention their products. These are packed into my kit and I have them all the time. Rain or shine. Domestic or international shoots. It doesn’t matter. I love these things and they make my life easier.


Just to mention, I have a tricky back and a few sports injuries. Because of this, I prefer to accommodate this when I shop. A padded, cross body strap is critical, for example. As are tough, lightweight bags. A seatbelt style strap that cannot be torn is an example of something I use daily. It would need to be cut off of me for example for it to come off. I can be assured it will never tear if I’m running (or being chased.)


So, just to mention a few things, I’ve compiled a shortlist of things I love to use. These items make my life a spec easier if I’m on location. There you have it!


LowePro Travel Bags


3 Products Photographers Swear

3 products photographers swear by. Shown: The LowePro Roller.



There are key considerations in the bag that holds my entire kit for the job. I need a high performance, durable and lightweight bag. Traveling with a well-organized bag makes travel easier. I am a compulsive under packer. I only want to bring what I need for that job. This comprises my main kit and then back up in case of malfunction. That’s it. Nothing more. I have to be able to focus on the job. I don’t want to exhaust myself hauling around redundant gear up a mountain.

Furthermore, I have one main LowePro bag that I use as my gear library. It lives at home and I pull from it for each job. It works out very well.

I prefer to use the Lowe Pro roller as my main kit.

I have a smaller shoulder bag for each photoshoot. It’s called the Reporter.


Small Neoprene Interior Bags

3 Products Photographers Swear By. Small neoprene interior bags for lenses.

Small neoprene interior bags for lenses and bodies.


I love these mini bags. We all know that the outer bag provides a lot of durabilities. However, the interior is also important. I insert each delicate camera, body, and lens into an interior pouch. Why? Bodies and lenses can scratch if they bump up against another piece of metal. By placing these delicate, high performance and expensive tiny pieces of equipment into an interior pouch, I am creating another layer of cushion. It weighs nothing and adds so much.


At my studio, we use and love soft pouches.

Here are two I personally love:

Here are two I personally love:

Lens Caps

Lens cap

Lens cap.

They are easy to misplace, but we can’t live without them. Just buy as many cheap ones as you can. You will lose all of them. Make your peace with it now and move on.


3 Products Photographers Swear By

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