5 Tips for Your Portrait Shoot

Our Diversity Statement shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR

5 Tips for Your Portrait Shoot

5 Tips for Your Portrait Shoot Written and Shot by Angela Cappetta.


What to Wear for Your Portrait Shoot

When you come shoot with us, let us take the reins and show you how to get the best representation of beautiful you. These are some tips and tricks to make your portrait session as productive as possible. Furthermore, if you follow these steps, we can probably get you in and out in under 2 hours. Sometimes, even  in as little as 90 minutes!


  •  1. Avoid Patterns: If you stick with solid colors and tonal dressing, this won’t detract the user from the main event. Like in this stunner of a photo of Swift Agency President Taleah Mona Lusky.  As we were shooting Taleah to fit into her new role, we clearly needed to evoke something that felt in charge but still open and welcoming. Taleah brough all her own clothes and we were able to find just the right combination of items to achieve this goal


Portrait of Advertising executive Taleah_Mona Lusky. Shot by NYC Portrait photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR


  • 2. Don’t be afraid of using brand-appropriate props. For example: an illustrator would, no doubt, have a sketch book  and a brush or a pen with them, like the shoot we did with Samantha Dion Baker. See below. Samantha is a renowned designer and illustrator and we did this shoot for her author photo to use in her book projects. Sam is constantly drawing and painting, so having these items with her was natural. We kept the makeup natural and the hair loose, to evoke the free flowing look and feeling of her remarkable work.


Samantha Dion Baker shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta


  • 3. Get a good night’s sleep. This is probably the most important one. It’s a camera, not a magic wand. If you don’t feel rested and refreshed, there is only so much we can do to make you feel comfortable. Hair and makeup is great, of course. However, if you remember that you felt tired and worn out the day of your shoot, you will always hate the way you look in your photos. We can’t wave a want and erase your memory of a hangover or not getting to bed on time. Drink a lot of water, do some deep breathing, and let yourself be in the right frame of mind to be part of a creative team in the morning.


Red film on a bedroom in Havana, Cuba. Shot by NYC based travel photographer Angela Cappetta with real film and a Leica.


  • 4. Come with a clean face. You don’t need to wear a stitch of makeup if you have purchased hair and makeup services. Our beauty department will handle everything. Even if you are in the middle of a breakout, worry not! Our beauty department is top notch and they will make it look like you never had a pimple (or two or three) that day.


Model Marinette has makeup done at NYFW shot for Refinery 29 shot with DSLR by Angela Cappetta


  • 5. Your playlist! Lastly, if you have a playlist, share it with us on Spotify. Otherwise, we are happy to DJ for you. Hopefully, you have some time to dance it out when we’re done shooting. A little shimmy makes everyone feel good.


They them portraits of gender rights advocate Anna Winget. Shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR.

Because when you gotta dance, you gotta dance.



A few more examples of groovy portraits with amazing clients. Enjoy!

Portrait of Coder/Manager from Vimeo. Shot with DSLR by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta.

C suite executive lawyer portrait. Shot in studio with DSLR by portrait photographer Angela Cappetta.

Young, black model shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta on location with DSLR. African American, black, brown model, DSLR, Nikon, fresh, clean makeup, looking downward at the camera.

LinkedIn portrait of executive in a lavender sweater shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta.


5 Tips for Your Portrait Shoot

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