5 Tips to Choose a Top NYC Wedding Photographer


5 Tips to Choose a Top NYC Wedding Photographer

5 Tips to Help You Choose a Top NYC Wedding Photographer


Love their style

5 Tips to Choose a Top NYC Wedding Photographer

First off, establish the style you love most and pursue it! That’s what it’s all about. You are marrying a partner, and you are marrying all your vendors. You are trusting them all. Just like you’re fully trusting your partner to have your back. Likewise, we are there to have your back during that whole process. Every phone call, every quote, every printed page of each album. Your wedding photographer has to deliver the style you fell in love with. For a dreamy softness, you go with Karen Zieff. For fashion-forward you go with Raquel Reis. And for documentary-style timelessness, you go with me. These are industry-wide facts. My colleagues and I proudly set the standards.

Formal photo with bride and her father where she kisses him on the cheek in a burst of emotion. Shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Formal photo with bride and her father where she kisses him on the cheek in a burst of emotion. Shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Love their reviews

When you do all your due diligence on hiring the person you’ve settled on, make sure you check out their reviews across multiple platforms. For example, My own reviews across the big wedding platforms are flawless. Moreover, my google and Yelp reviews are flawless. That didn’t happen overnight. I worked my tail off for a couple of decades to make sure I nailed it. And nail it I did. All those years and not one sour review. That is no accident. Make sure your vendor can say the same. Don’t spend all that money on sub-par customer service. Don’t forget that saying our grannies taught us. Namely, “You get what you pay for!”

2 models in wedding dresses. Shot with DSLR for the blog Loverly by Fine Art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Love their packages

Every studio is different. Some include video, some don’t. (We do.) Furthermore, some include an end to end album design. Others do not. (we also offer this service). No matter which studio’s work you fall for, make sure yo manage expectations from the beginning. If your dream shooter offers video, and you want a one-stop-shop, then by all means book them for both. However, if you don’t want video, then just book the dream still package you adore. Buy your albums upfront, it is often left to chance after. But, we encourage clients to order your albums with your initial package. Otherwise, there is a solid chance you’ll never get to it. Wouldn’t you rather get to it head-on? It is a joyful, fun process! Don’t deny yourself this opportunity.

Love their press

No press? Then, no career. We have all heard “Publish or perish.” It applies here as true as anywhere else. If a shooter isn’t going to pursue features on their own blog or major blogs in the marketplace, then they aren’t doing their job.



Two grooms newly married at City Hall NYC, shot by NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta.

Picture of senior citizen eating corn on the cob at a family barbeque. Shot for the New Yorker Magazine by Fine Art photographer Angela Cappetta with medium format color film.

Love them

So, you are going to spend more time with this vender than any other member of your team. Even more than with your planner or caterer. You’d better enjoy their company. Moreover, you better really like each other. A lot. Mutual respect notwithstanding, your wedding photographer’s job to record high-level emotion. Intimate stuff is not to be trusted to an amateur. The trust between you must be real. We love all of our clients to the moon and back. We, wedding photographer return to shoot the maternity shoots, the pregnancies, the family gatherings, the portraits, the engagements. It is an endless supply of goodwill.


And we wouldn’t have it any other way.




Family time in Whistler, B.C. shot on location by international family photographer Angela Cappetta

LinkedIn portrait of executive shot in studio by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta.

A couple embraces during their rooftop engagement session in Brooklyn.

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