5 Tips to Writing the Perfect Photo Project Summary

5 TIPS HOW TO WRITE A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT SUMMARY by Angela Cappetta NYC fine artist and photographer

5 Tips to Writing the Perfect Photo Project Summary

5 TIPS To Writing the Perfect Photo Project Summary by Angela Cappetta

Let’s Write Your Fine Art Photography Project Summary

Here are 5 tips to get your project summary on point and ready to distribute. Not only for grant applications, but curators, collectors and gallerists all appreciate a well written project summary. Granted, it can feel daunting. But if you stick with this formula you’ll get it right every time.

Excellent project summaries are often no more than 3-5 succinct paragraphs. Use short sentences and don’t start every sentence with the noun “I”. Choose one tense throughout and stick with it.

To enumerate:

  1. State the title of the project.  Easy enough. Say what it’s called and a succinct second line summary.   Eg; “The Ring, a story of training and culture within the boxing community of a Brooklyn Gym.”

    5 TIPS HOW TO WRITE A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT SUMMARYPhotography Workshops. In the ring with Adidas boxer Heather Hardy and her trainer. Shot at Gleason's Gym by freelance photojournalist Angela Cappetta. Nikon DSLR.

    In the ring with Adidas boxer Heather Hardy and her trainer. Shot at Gleason’s Gym by Angela Cappetta. Nikon DSLR.

  2. Identify the scope of work. What are you shooting? Where are you shooting it? How long have you been shooting the project? “For the last four years I have been photographing boxers in training at Gleason’s Gym inBrooklyn, NY.”

  3.  State CLEARLY how the work resonates with you. Be specific. Why are you shooting this work? What keeps you coming back? Are the pictures about relationships? A study of a landscape? Still life? Are they political?  “By photographing boxers in training I hope to demonstrate the compelling history of discipline and athleticism at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn.”
  4. Talk about technique. What format are you using and why? “By using 35mm I can keep my practice portable so I can concentrate on the ever unfolding theatre of theboxing ring.” or “A large format box camera helps slow my mind down so I can make portraits where every drop of sweat is celebrated.” •Are you shooting film? If yes what kind? Describe in details what these technical choices offer the work. “My film of choice is ____________ because it offers me ____________ when I print the negatives.”
    Camera Review: My Three favorite cameras by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

    Camera Family Portrait shot by NYC location photographer Angela Cappetta.


    5. Describe what you want to leave behind when you’re done with the work. What story are you telling us and why it matters. “Through these pictures, I hope to tell a compelling story of the life of an athlete purposefully lived.” Featherweight champion Heather Hardy works out with the slide bag at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, shot by lifestyle photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR
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