5 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts Photographers Swear By

5 wedding do's and dont's. NYC Bangledesh wedding NYC City Hall shot by documentary style wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

5 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts Photographers Swear By

Wedding Dos and Don’ts Photographers Swear by. Written and shot by a real NYC Wedding Photographer.

By Angela Cappetta.

Hora. Chora. Evin in the chair at a New York Botanical Garden wedding. Shot with DSLR by Angela Cappetta. Evin. Lowe. Robert. Schwartz

Do’s and don’ts photographers swear by. Here are a few wedding do’s and don’ts nyc wedding photographers need to remember when they’re working. No one is more important than the other. They are all vital. These can sometimes make or break even the most seasoned photographer. If you have others you feel are important, let us know! We’d love to read your thoughts on how you prepare for a job.

A blissed out couple loves slow dancing with each other at a New York Athletic Club wedding. Shot by Angela Cappetta NYC wedding photographer.

  1. Do have a well-packed gear bag. Your gear bag is the lifeblood of your job. NYC wedding photographers need to make sure the primary gear is in perfect order. Furthermore, a second set of back up-gear is crucial. Both must be tested weekly. Especially during the busy season.

    Wedding Do's and Don'ts Photographers Swear by.. Camera Review: My Three favorite cameras by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

    Wedding Do’s and Don’ts Photographers Swear by. Camera Review: my three favorite cameras. Camera Family Portrait shot by NYC location photographer Angela Cappetta.

  2. Do have a clean driver’s license. You need to be able to drive in every city where you are working. Furthermore, your support staff all need clean licenses. Don’t hire anybody who can’t provide this basic element. It means they aren’t serious if they don’t have it.
    Hora. Chora. Foundry. Traditional Jewish Wedding Photography. Shot by Angela Cappetta of Nathaniel and Dominick's wedding. Mozel tov.

  3. Don’t “tell on” guests. There is always one drunken idiot. With this job, this is what you sign up for. There are always guests who take it a little too far, Avoid them. You do not need to tolerate abuse. However, if a guest is highly disruptive, tell the wedding planner. Or have the bartender cut them off.
    Guests dance it up at an Aldie Mansion reception in Buck's County, PA. Shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

    Guests dance it up at an Aldie Mansion reception in Buck’s County, PA.

  4. Do be commensurate professional.  Remember, you are being paid to offer your professional photography services. You may be an artist, but you are also there to do a job. This includes basic things like being on time, dressing appropriately, being considerate and reading off of basic social cues.Bobby Berk of Queer eye holds his nephew at a wedding at Full Moon Farm in Medusa, NY shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta
  5. Don’t be unprepared. When things go sideways, don’t stand there whining about how you “had no idea” that you’d need this or that piece of equipment. Even if it means your bag will be 3 kilos heavier, pack it anyway. If you need it, you will be glad it’s there.

Happy shooting!

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