6 Bouquets to Die For

Bridesmaids gather at a wedding at the Foundry LIC shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

6 Bouquets to Die For

6 Bouquets to Die For


6 bouquets to die for. In our estimation, NYC wedding photography is measured by the quality of the bouquets therein. A bouquet says a lot. It can have whimsy or gravitas. No matter what your style, your bouquet says a lot about you. Like your dress, it is a personal reflection of your style. The penguin suit notwithstanding, men have creativity in their boutonniers as well. Herbacious or sculpted. They say so much. Enjoy this roundup of wedding bouquets we have photographed. From a nyc city hall wedding photography to wedding photography nyc in a ballroom to destination wedding photography. Every wedding has them.

1. Monochrome

When you want the personality of your bridal party to be the main focus, you may go for this option. Their own dresses, not chosen by the grooms, are front and center. In this case shot at the Foundry LIC, the bouquet is a signifier of bridal party status, everyone is equal.

Bridesmaids gather at a wedding at the Foundry LIC shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

2. Deli Flowers

In this case, this East Hampton bride forgot to order a bouquet. In a rush, the bridesmaids ran to a deli and bought every daisy on hand. The result was this delightful array of springtime itself.

Bride in a veil holds a bouquet and looks off to the side. Shot on location with real film by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta in East Hampton, NY.

3. More is More

When a couple wants to go for it, they go for it. Bouquets in fresh tones of cream and pink were set about with gold sequin table runners to make sure the fun, frolic theme of springtime love was evident. Shot at Full Moon Farm Medusa, NY.

5 Bouquets to Die For by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta. Glam style table set for dinner in a rustic barn shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

4.Ombre or Bust

And Lily of the Valley? Picked fresh that morning you say? Ok, now you’re just showing off.

5. Gigantic

When we say orchids you say yes. Orchids. Yes. Orchids. Yes.

Shot at the New York Athletic Club.

Bride shows off orchid bouquet, shot at mid height view, at the New York Athletic Club with DSLR by NYC fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.


6. Boutonniers means for the Botton

By sporting a certain color, a knight clearly showed he was supported in battle by a lady who adored him. The groom and his groomsmen use this technique nowadays to demonstrate their ties to the bridal party. These two grooms rocked it hard for their nyc city hall wedding photography. They got married in black tie at 9 am. Stylin hard.

Flower delivery to NYC City Hall wedding shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

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