6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters

A bride and her mom descend the escelator of the Hudson Hotel on the way to her wedding. Shot by fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR.

6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters

6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters
Written and Shot by Angela Cappetta
Master of Ceremonies. That’s our nickname in the business. As such, we shoot a lot of blue chip events. But, we also shoot at City Hall and more elopements than you can count. We will always go to bat for our clients. However, problems can arise in the beginning during the query process if you aren’t transparent. When you inquire with a top service provider, include as much intel as possible.  Draft your spreadsheet before you contact us. This will help you a lot.

1. First Contact: This Sets the Tone for Your Budget

Please be transparent with your job scope and budget immediately, otherwise there can a minimum six email volley trying to figure this part out. Its exhausting. Give a job scope without trying to “gotcha” a vendor into revealing their rate. This is not a useful negotiation tactic. Firstly, our rates are very clearly described on our website. No one is hiding anything. Secondly, it is impossible to predict how your estimate will turn out. Why you ask? Read on.

2. Be Realistic with What You’re Spending

Sometimes, depending on job scope or time of year, we can competitively conform a package to a budget. We are happy as heck to be able to do this for you! However, there are budgets which are delusional. These clients, god bless them, need to be realistic with their choice of vendor before they write to us. We are worth every penny, provide incredible work, and are always a sure thing. But you’ll pay for that. So, please don’t try to hold the email exchange hostage by not being transparent. Share what you know and we’ll do the same.

3.Multiple Locations for Photo-Ops Drive Budgets Up

Unless it makes strategic sense, you don’t need to shoot every milestone photo group at the same time. For example, if you’re getting ready at a hotel, then the photo of you with your attendants makes perfect sense to shoot there. Will the moms be getting ready with you? Let’s do that photo, then. It will save time. and provide great narrative to the story. However, Getting everyone into a party bus to do your first look on the Brooklyn Bridge will take 2 hours and ruin your hair. Plus there’s no room there for anybody to stand. So, trust your media provider to offer you the best locations for where everyone happens to be anyway. Sometimes, staying put is perfection.
6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters. Washington Square Park Wedding bride and groom. Photography by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta. Shot with DSLR on location. Features the iconic fountain.

4. Ditch the Bridge

Speaking of, why does everyone want their wedding formals on the Brooklyn Bridge? That gorgeous hairdo, kiss it goodbye because of the wind. Getting to your cocktail wedding on time? That isn’t going to happen. Those stunning Jimmy Choos? Well, you’re walking a mile in and out so let’s hope you love urban hiking in heels. You get the idea. Listen, there are locations where bridge is in the background. If you get married near one of those, let’s do it. Otherwise, we’ll make beautiful work for you from wherever you happen to be.
5. One Location Saves Labor, Here’s Why
Obviously, if getting ready, ceremony and reception are all within the same facility, you’ll be in great shape to save time, stress and money. Why you ask? Let’s say your hotel is three blocks away and you’re both in two different rooms. That’s two getting ready locations, which means two sets of shooters: video and still in each room. That’s at least five people.  Then everyone has to get to the ceremony which means we’re shooting the transition. We aren’t saying we don’t want to shoot this for you, We love every minute of it. But it isn’t free. Increased footage, more files, more editing. More bodies and media equals a higher budget.
6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters. Bride getting ready. She starts in a robe at the New York Botanical Garden. Shot with DSLR by Angela Cappetta.
6.  Wrap It Up by 11pm
It is amazing to have a fun afterparty. They’re so much fun and we love them. So for us, that means extra gear, more labor, and babysitters to pay. Yup, that’s right, we proudly employ parents and foster parents. This means that unless the after party is mission critical, you can have us skip it and use all that cash you’re saving for the honeymoon.
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6 Wedding Photo Budget Busters
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