Abstract Painter Joseph Vella

Abstract Painter Joseph Vella

Abstract Painter Joseph Vella paints a lot. He lives in NYC.

What is your painting process?
  • When someone asks me about my process, I blank. Paint is play without expectations. I start with basic shapes. I get out of my head and into flow. The energy of New York City inspires me. I meet people, explore streets and parks, and think I can’t be bored. But I am often restless. There is always a great love I’m not meeting, a self-help book I’m not reading. Anxiety is in my work.
What materials do you prefer?
  • I have always worked with acrylic paint. My smallest paintings are 8” x 10,” then 9” x 12,” then 12” x 16.” My friend Charlotte suggested acrylic paint and a canvas pad. I like the texture of acrylic paint. 12” x 16” is a fun size: large enough for my vision, but relatively small. A pad works well for traveling through the city.
How did your training progress?
  • I loved arts and crafts as a child. I lived for collage and finger painting. Toward the end of high school, I picked up abstract painting. I have 3 periods in my work. My first is pure angst. When I was lonely I expressed myself with much red, black, and gray. Always I’ve been fond of metallics. I love shine.
How has your work changed over the years?
  • My work has become optimistic. I start to use colors like fuschia, lavender, and yellow. My style is more fluid. Most recent paintings signify something new, painting more intuitively than ever. If I am trying too hard, I stop. Painting today is an adventure. I’m experimenting, not so afraid. Once I became obsessed with recreating past paintings. Now I am aware it’s impossible. Not wanting to look back, I open my eyes and  see beauty. To connect with a person, I feel joy. Closing my eyes, I dream.
Work on canvas by Abstract painter Joseph Vella.

Work on canvas by Abstract painter Joseph Vella.

Joseph Vella, called Joey by his nearest and dearest, is making a splash on the abstract painting scene in NYC. He studied at the New York Art Students League. This is the same art institution that trained Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler. It is a hallowed place. You can enjoy more of Joseph’s work here.

Abstract painter Joseph Vella with Isabella Muzzi

Abstract painter Joseph Vella with companion Isabella. “When I am with her, my heart is full” says Vella.






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