Artist Support Pledge

Artist Support Pledge

What is the Artist Support Pledge? It is a way to help artists affected by the economic downturn by collecting work at rock-bottom prices.  The best part? All work is $200 USD and under.


8x10 darkroom print for artist support pledge by Angela Cappetta. Pic of a few trees in the forest with rich, sunny light.

8×10 darkroom print for artist support pledge by Angela Cappetta.


So, as we all know, the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent economic slowdown has caused is a significant problem for makers and artists.  Just like you, artists are struggling to keep the ship afloat. And, unsurprisingly, people have stopped buying. However, the #ArtistSupportPledge, is an inspiring movement. To be home and sheltered is a huge opportunity to add to your collection. Additionally, this movement has emerged to help artists, as well as collectors, support one another.


This migratory online marketplace is the brainchild of Sussex-based artist Matthew Burrows. His idea was to create a support system for artists whose sales have tanked. And what a great idea it is. So, as Matthew said to L. Buck of The Art Newspaper:

The goodwill has been unbelievable from everywhere in the world—from El Salvador, to America, Germany, New Zealand, Italy and Australia.”


Elizabeth Reede, former Assistant Curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and Founder of Boulevard Arts, has some great input on the matter:

“As a former curator, and founder and CEO of a company who’s mission is to democratize access to art and culture, the current pandemic environment has only accelerated the need for creative expression and engagement. If we allow art, culture, and the diversity inherent in the expression of those who create to go fallow, we are without exaggeration, doing a permanent disservice to our global society. Most artists do not have the luxury of a financial cushion, or even support network. The idea of paying it forward at such a low cost is good for all involved—but I’m certain that those of us who buy the artwork will be the ultimate, most-happy beneficiaries. #ArtistSupportPledge #Luckyme”.

Wanna know how this works? To enumerate:

  1. I offer a work for sale for $200 USD, about 90% off.
  2. Once I reach $2,000 USD I then pledge to buy another artists work (yay!)
  3. The domino effect of goodwill is created.
  4. That’s it!

Because this is so easy, it’s really a no brainer.

I have attached images below which I am offering for sale.  Artists, like many of us, aren’t working right now. We can’t teach or sell till the virus runs its course.  However, in order to make more work, we need income. And, the promise of a future. This artist knows collectors matter.  I work as a NYC wedding Photographer,  but I’m also a full time, professional artist. And I am happy to offer some work to this global effort.

The reason this is so exciting, is that it affords the opportunity to purchase exciting work for next to nothing.

The work in this article is all for sale:

  • All pieces are 8×10″ or slightly larger paper. 
  • Artist Proof guaranteed. Printed in a darkroom by the artist. Signed en verso.
  • Color negative, 35mm film, all shot with a Leica.
  • $200.00 USD Free US shipping

8x10 darkroom print for artist support pledge by Angela Cappetta. Pic of vintage car in a pretty, green field8x10 darkroom print for artist support pledge by Angela Cappetta.Pic of afternoon light on a tree branch in the sky with full summer leaves





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