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A polisher steam cleans a watch part at Azad Watches on W47th street in the Jewelry District of Manhattan. Shot by Angela Cappetta.

47th Street Photography

47th Street Photography: access to a parallel universe.  This is a hard scrabble street with a lot of stories. It is within limits, that anything is possible. Some businesses here stretch back half a century. Many are generational, adapting as the industry

Chow dog looking out of a first story window against a blue wall. by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops Registration Open: REGISTRATION CLOSED $185 per Session Starts June 5 Contact Paypal and Venmo accepted. Photography Workshops.  Angela Cappetta offers one-on-one remote and in-person coaching, master classes and workshops. She specializes in documentary-style photography projects and portraiture. With evolving photographers, we delve into subjects

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The Beauty of Contact Sheets

The Beauty of Contact Sheets: Insight into the Photographer's Editing Process Behind every effective picture, there is a baked-in creative process that involves many invisible steps. One of these steps which is often overlooked (yet unavoidable)  is the function of the

Doing a quick makeup touch up in the summer heat. Far Rockaway, NY. Shot by Angela Cappetta NYC Wedding photographer with a Nikon DSLR.

Shooting with a Leica M6

Shooting with a Leica M6 is a transcendent experience that every photographer should try at least once in their life. The M6 is a legendary 35mm film camera that has become a favorite among photographers for its precision and simplicity.

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