Ballet Photography Real Film Outtakes

Ballet Photography Real Film Outtakes

I adore looking at outtakes. The things I’ve missed. Frames that call me back. I enjoy editing, optimizing and beautifying these pictures possibly more than my original selects. There is something special about ballet outtakes. Surely, with a concoction of movement and focus. So, it begs the question, how can a person create such beauty with only two ingredients: grit and determination.

John Berger* said that the only two ingredients in photography are light and time. It seems like dance and photography are meant to be together.

One can always find lessons to learn if one looks hard enough.

Joffrey ballet dancer in training stretches during rehearsal in NYC shot in real film.

Joffrey ballet dancer stretches during rehearsal


Joffrey ballet dancer in training NYC shot in real film.

Dancer from Joffrey ballet wears tutu.

John Berger

John Berger was born in London in 1926. He is well known for his novels and stories as well as for his works of nonfiction, including several volumes of art criticism. His first novel, A Painter of Our Time, was published in 1958, and since then his books have included Ways of Seeing, the fiction trilogy Into Their Labours, and the novel G., which won the Booker Prize in 1972. In 1962 he left Britain permanently and moved to a small village in the French Alps.  He died in 2017.

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