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Camera Review: My Three favorite cameras by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Best Camera Equipment

Best Camera Equipment: If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’ve sensed how passionately we’ve been the NYC wedding photographer for many joyful couples. From Coney Island to the Mediterranean to NYC City Hall wedding photography. We provide still and video packages to suit every situation. On the approaching day the earth will stand still for you. As among the best wedding photographers NYC and destination wedding photography pros, that’s where we come in. Shooting a rich visual story that will last a lifetime. We forward to connecting with you soon. Warmly, Angela and Team.

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Five Common Questions for Wedding Photographers NYC

How much are NYC wedding photography services?

People want to know about their investment with an NYC wedding photography studio like ours. Our fine art NYC wedding photographer fees are not only structured around invisible things: insurance, maintenance, software, cloud storage. But, we also factor in the sexy things like archival papers, book cloth and gorgeous frames for your home. There are also less sexy things like labor, gear, memory cards, film, Motrin, coffee and all we need to do to keep your wedding media safe. So, let’s look at it this way: we may be your NYC City Hall wedding photographers for a 2 hour shoot of photo and video. Editing that two hours of city happy wedding photography media can take weeks. Furthermore, it took our team, collectively, decades to become the sure thing we are now. Just like with your own career, it is the knowledge, not the hours per day, that count.

What should I expect to pay for a NYC wedding photographer?

You get what you pay for.  Let’s talk about the value we may offer over other NYC wedding photographers. We admire our colleagues and their beautiful work. But you need to find the best fit for you. Some clients are after our classic, documentary, timeless look. Some want our low key, professional presence. Others want to bring us in for our language skills. Important to note, quality and quantity go hand in hand for us. We provide a lot, and always seek out the highest result.

How do I find a NYC wedding photographer?

Over the years, word of mouth has always been our strongest reference for wedding photography in NYC. Our best long-term work relationships are referred to us from regular clients just like you.

Where can I take wedding pictures in NYC?

We say, use what you’ve got! If your wedding is at The Foundry, for example, let’s stick with the gritty vibe of Long Island City. If you are getting married at New York Botanical, this comes with permission to shoot the wedding formals in their gardens. You re paying good money for your venue. Let’s capitalize on it.

Best wedding photographer NYC, are you it?

Our work is very well known. Photo District News (PDN) has featured us repeatedly. Angela Cappetta’s work has been in several features in this publication touting her as one of the world’s best wedding photographers. Angela has even been called “Master of Ceremonies” by PDN. Our singular, fine art wedding photography approach has brought us all over the world. Furthermore, Angela’s personal work is collected by major museums such as the New York Public Library, the Victoria and Albert in London and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Without a doubt we are among the best of the best of wedding photographers New York.

Can you help us figure out our photo timeline?

Of course! We pride ourselves on having a reliable workflow. When we meet up, it will be just the three of us-and even your planner if you want. What we’ll do is draft a timeline just for you. This framework is unique to your wedding. The day will fly by like a flash. Before the day arrives, we need to think about your must have list as well as things that don’t matter as much to you. Everyone is different.

But when we put our heads together and really visualize it, we’ll know the best time to do certain things. Perhaps you are getting married in a house of worship where photography is forbidden. Our team will sit quietly in the back and shoot inconspicuously and still get amazing shots. Maybe you are timing your wedding around a sunset? No problem! We’ll make sure you glow in all the right ways. Capturing that golden hour light is our specialty.

Best Camera Equipment. What kind of gear do you use to shoot?

As with everything I do, I only use the best of the best. Our gear choices are set by factors such as location, budget, DSLR, film ,video, Super 8 etc. There are many critical decisions we make in outfitting our equipment choices. As NYC wedding photographers, we are accostom to a great many scenarios. From a maritime wedding on a boat in New York Harbor, to a penthouse wedding at the Waldorf Astoria. Nothing is out of our job scope. Rest assured, we will use the ideal outfit of hardware to get the best result for you. Film or digital, our equipment is strictly meant to be handled by pros only.

Will you be our NYC wedding photographer for the entire weekend?

Of course! For a destination wedding this is a given. However, we also offer entire weekend shooting packages for wedding photography in NYC and the metro area. We are happy to offer you a media package which includes your rehearsal dinner, wedding day and even the brunch the next day. The more time my team spends with you and your guests, the more we will capture. Just imagine your own mini library of media of your wedding weekend. A lovely series of albums. A reel. Teaser clips for Instagram. And even wedding invitations and a guest book featuring our engagement shoot together which greets your guests from the beginning. Since we write every package for all our events, we will make sure something custom is made just for you.

Best Camera Equipment

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