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Contact Us NYC Wedding Photographer. Our field is fine art photography, family photography in NYC and assignment work. We do not consider applications from support photographers or assistants with fewer than three years of  experience.  Applicants must know how a shoot set works. Furthermore, all applicants must have a driver’s license and valid passport. Those with additional languages are given priority. Additionally, we do not consider inquiries for employment from students, nonprofessionals or those without exposure high-end jobs.


To study with Angela, feel free to enroll for one of her classes at ICP. You may also consider taking one of her ongoing workshops.

Contact Us NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta
Buying Art:

Order fine art originals and framed prints  by Angela Cappetta on Saatchi Art here


Check out Angela’s interview on Emulsions Podcast here.
And on Tom Ray’s art podcast here.

And on The Frontier Psychiatrists podcast here.

Listen to Angela’s own photography podcast here.


Angela’s Wikipedia Entry

This is Angela’s wikipedia page and offers a cursory summary of her career. It is not managed by our team nor is it fully comprehensive. There are some downright reductionist elements in it. Major museum shows and collections are not mentioned. Wikipedia does its own thing and subjects are not allowed to chime in on their entries. If you have any questions about it, just drop us a note and we’d be happy to fill you in.

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