4 Truly Great Locations for Downtown NYC Wedding Photography

Bride gets a piggy back ride from groom, elopement shot in NYC by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

4 Truly Great Locations for Downtown NYC Wedding Photography

4 truly great locations for Downtown NYC Wedding Photography.


Needless to say, I have my own special nooks and corners I like. These are shared only with my couples. However, I am more than happy to share with you, dear reader, some reflections on my favorite hoods downtown. Moreover, I want you to know why I love them. This is why I am sharing this with you today.


The Streets of Soho

Who absolutely doesn’t love shooting in the streets of Soho? After the tourists clear out, there is nothing like it. The grandness of it.  The old factories that are now 5M lofts. She is an iron goddess. Yes at dusk, she blushes. She turns on her comforting charm with the glow of late afternoon light. The cobblestone streets. When the sun goes down on her, the pink and golden glow of the neighborhood starts to shimmer. Pear shaped engagement ring at a NYC engagement photography session.

Wedding Day Piggyback Ride

Wedding Day Piggyback Ride


Battery Park and Lower Manhattan

The very earliest inhabitants of Manhattan were the Lenape and Munsee Indians. They used the marshland area around The Battery for hunting and fishing. A trading path was established from The Battery leading north through Manhattan. Imagine having to bushwhack your way uptown. This wide roadway is called a “broad”. Amazingly, it continues today as the modern avenue, Broadway.


This is the point of Manhattan where you can see open water beyond the lush green fields of the park.


It is one of my absolute favorite spots to shoot portraits. If your venue is the Ritz Carlton Battery Park, we’ll get to shoot together in this historic plain for sure. And I can’t wait to make magic with you and your bridal party there.

Viewing machine in front of NYC skyline as seen from the waterfront in Jersey City shot by nyc wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

The West Village

Go wrong in the West Village? It isn’t possible. Once a bohemian enclave, it is now a chic, cosmopolitain destination. However, the Village hasn’t forgotten her roots. She has an accessible charm. Her buildings are commonly brick and wood. They are low because the bedrock in the village isn’t adequate for high sweeping structures. So the village offers us something different. The curves of the residential streets. The brick. The stoops. Even the parks in the Village are tiny.  For a charming architectural language there is nothing like it as a backdrop to your NYC wedding photography.


Your wedding will be charming, sweet and easy. You’ll probably be ale to see and greet every single guest you invite. Imagine low ceilings swagged with garland and ivy. And the perfect small cake.


Table set in Indian style with sari fabric and rich colors shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Handsome groomsmen stride down the street in the West Village during their solo pictures before a wedding. A joyful moment candidly captured by Angela Cappetta, fine art wedding photographer NYC

Chelsea Piers

For a couple who needs a structured event with rock solid catering and a cool but uniform look, then seek no further. Chelsea Piers offers that and more. Plus parking. Lots and lots of parking. They have a comfortable series of rooms in the back in which couples may choose to get ready.


Furthermore, their ballroom can accommodate a fete of 80 to as many as 350 celebrants.


Their industrial architecture gives you sweeping views of the Hudson. This is a perfect locale to harness your ultimate Manhattan dreams for NYC wedding photography and video as sexy, down to earth and as chic as you are. For downtown NYC wedding photography you can’t get any better.

A couple exchanges vows at Pier 60 AbigailKirsch at Chelsea Piers. A joyful moment candidly captured by Angela Cappetta, fine art wedding photographer NYC

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