Drone After Drone Sentimentally

Drone After Drone Sentimentally

Drone artist? Well of course there are drone artists. We found one of the edgiest new talents to wield a flying camera. Her name is Morgan Pius and her work speaks for itself.

  • How did you find the drone as your chosen tool?

Originally, my drone was a hobby. When drones were first really coming out for consumers I discovered DJI. And I read the entirety of their website. I learned about all the AI in the Mavic Pro. For example: follow mode, obstacle avoidance, and auto launch and landing. But, the best feature, was that I could control it from my iPhone. And, not to mention, I could view the whole flight live through the app. My head exploded. So I got one for my birthday. I went all out with accessories. It just took a few flights to get the hang of it. Moreover, DJI makes their devices pretty user-friendly. I’ve always loved photography and would mess around with different cameras, but the drone took my interest to a new level (literally!). I’ve had my drone for three years. Eventually, I started using professionally.

  • What do you like best about it?

The thing I enjoy most about flying the drone is the bird-eye footage of the world. Yes, I can take fun photos and use the intelligent modes and mess around. Yet it is absolutely breathtaking to see how beautiful the earth is. I especially feel this when I fly my drone on Long Island where I grew up.

For my whole life I have seen the same landscape over and over to the point where it doesn’t feel special. In other words, my experience with this landscape had faded. However, when I fly the drone extending the sky and see the stretch of the island, it reminds me of how gorgeous and precious it is. This is the place I get to call home. It gives me gratitude for my home and for the earth. For instance, I fly my drone with an ideal shot in my head. Then I am pleasantly surprised with a scene I had no idea was there. How could I know?

  • The editing. What’s it like?

Editing involves staring at repeated revisions. The result is a finished video that’s about a minute long. Then I go to sleep. The next day I watch what I’ve created and decide what I like about my first edit. Then I reedit accordingly.  This process continues for some time. I am getting faster at it as I progress in my skill. The video is done when my perfectionism is satisfied. The process can be a little chaotic but mostly it’s a lot of fun. One of my favorite creative outlets is editing. Altogether I seem to learn a new editing technique and build my craft with each video.

  • If someone wants to hire you where can they find you?

Well, I have an Instagram @my_camera_has_wings. But the best way to get in touch with me is morgan.pius52@gmail.com. Lastly, you an see my work here and here.


Drone After Drone. Aerial photography by Morgan Pius. Interviewed by NYC Wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Drone After Drone. Aerial photography by Morgan Pius. Interviewed by NYC Wedding photographer Angela Cappetta. We occasionally use drones in our shoots. If you’d like us to bring Morgan in on your project, just let us know!

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