Figurative Painter Maia Cruz Palileo

Figurative Painter Maia Cruz Palileo

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Figurative Painter Maia Cruz Palileo is an artist in NYC and also a Joan Mitchell fellow. Furthermore, she is fresh from giving an artist talk at Yale MFA program.  You can see her work here.

We decided to interview her because her work is lit. She creates magical scenes that possess the dreamiest of undercurrents stung gently by the pain of forgetting. When you see at her oil on canvas work you’ll fall in love.

She currently is in a solo show called All The While I Thought You Had Received This February 2 – March 30, 2019 Monique Meloche Gallery 451 N Paulina Street Chicago, IL 60622.

For press on Maia visit here.

Maia Cru Palileo Painting on Canvas

Describe Your Work
  1. “I make oil paintings that are based on my family history between the US and Philippines.They are kind of like a mix between real and imaginary.”
What Size do you Paint and Why?
  1. I paint all the way from 8×10 canvas and on board up to 72×90″ and sometimes even a little larger. Sometimes I want the paintings to be big enough to feel like you’re in the space of the painting; the people are life size. The small ones, however, are different because they’re more intimate and maybe a little more intense.”
What are Your Favorite Colors Right Now on Your Palette?
  1. “Lots of greens and reds. Nocturnal blues and purples.”

Maia Cruz Palileo PALETTE

What do you want us to know?
  1. “I feel like its been important to follow the work, and to know that some of this narrative and storytelling I’m thinking about isn’t mainstream. It is important that I follow through and make those visible through painting.”
figurative painter maia cruz palileo

The Parlor by figurative painter maia crus palileo Oil on canvas over panel
48 x 33″


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