TUTORIAL: How to Load a Leica M6

Homer SImpson sticker on my Leica M6

TUTORIAL: How to Load a Leica M6

TUTORIAL: How to Load a Leica M6
Written and filmed by Angela Cappetta
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A link with an overview of the Leica M6 can be found here on the Leica website. Leica is a German manufacturer of fine range-finders. Although they do produce some SLR models, they are known for their rangefinder craftsmanship. The cameras themselves are highly attuned to micro settings. Furthermore, they have more leaves in the shutter than a typical consumer grande (or even pro) camera. This allows for greater mastery of depth of field and sharpness.

The Leica M6 Body Style

Although the bodies are titanium, they are surprisingly agile. I can carry one cross body and barley notice it’s there. But the durability is the main quality point for me. They are very hard to harm or destroy, although I will admit mine is heavily used and a bit dirty. Each ding is like a war wound because they are so hard to bang up. I have learned to embrace those dings as evidence of a tool well-used.

A Leica M6 Lens

So, the lenses are a whole different animal. Even though I use my M6 heavily, I treat the lens gingerly. I always keep the cap on it. And when a cap isn’t available, I wrap the lens in a microfiber cloth and secure it with a rubber band. I never let it come into contact with the environment unless I am using it. For this reason, I reject the notion of keeping a filter on the lens “to protect it”. I would not want to lessen the contrast or sharpness by screwing on a filter. However, I would not be averse to keeping a filter on it to store, then removing it to shoot.
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TUTORIAL: How to Load a Leica M6
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