Introducing Video Shooter Giga Shane!

Introducing Video Shooter Giga Shane!

Introducing Video Shooter Giga Shane! We have a new full time team member and boy are we happy. Everybody meet Giga!

Cinematographer Giga Shane with a baby

Cinematographer Giga Shane with a cute baby

Giga was born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, and moved here as a child. He was always highly motivated and artistic. He even grew up to study the purest American art form, jazz, at Temple University. Recently, his career has lead him to make remarkable documentary-style videos for events both public and highly private. His work dovetails with our brand elegantly. We edit, cut and score everything together to assure that our signature look is delivered to our clients flawlessly.

Let’s get to know a little bit about him.

What do you like most about the documentary format?

“What I like most about the documentary format, much like my other discipline, jazz, is that it is improvisational in nature. One has to be always thinking on one’s feet. And it is always exciting because one never knows what is going to happen.

What is your film background?

My dad is a professional photographer so I’ve always been around cameras. Some of my earliest memories are hanging out with him in his darkroom. There was always a camera on every table in the house. So it was basically a natural transition for me when I started working in film in video. I learned as an editor to consider all the footage into its purest form. Creating my own footage full-time since 2008 has been a dream come true.

Tell us a little about working with Angela?

Working with Angela is awesome! Are you kidding? I always love to work with somebody who knows exactly what they want. Because, then the story has a cohesive vision. When working with Angela, it is a natural pairing between the still and motion.

How do you survive Fashion Week (NYFW)?

At NYFW there is always a free espresso booth at the studio. I will go there multiple times per day, always being super nice to the Barista. That plus three hours of sleep per night keeps me ticking for ten straight days. On that basis alone, I can get through anything.

How does your love of music play into your video process?

Easy. I find my editing to be very rhythmic. So, considering which music to use is of the utmost importance. I always love to have clear communication with my client and/or producer so we can all be in agreement about the tone of the piece before I begin editing all original content.

Thanks Giga! We are elated to be able to offer Giga’s rare skill set to our clients. Wedding videos or family time. Whatever you want, we will provide it.



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