Summer NYC Engagement Photography

Summer NYC Engagement Photography

Shot in summer on location in Soho, NYC.

NYC Engagement Phototography Session: Wild at Heart

NYC Engagement Photography: Wild at Heart. These two met in winter and haven’t spent a day apart since. We had a creative huddle before their engagement session to determine just the right spot. Since their wedding is going to be a black tie, uptown affair, we settled on a gritty, fun, downtown locale with cobblestone streets and ice cream.

We also determined that this NYC engagement photo shoot had to be in the hood of their first date. The couple shared with me that the night of their first dinner date, they discovered that they had so much in common.  The two haven’t spent a day apart since that fateful blind date that friends set up. 

NoHo was it.

They arrived holding hands and gleaming, her pear shaped stone* gleaming on her finger. These two make each other glow. The bride-to-be is a seasoned, international swimsuit and catalog model, and he is a tech guru in NYC so we joked that this was like bringing him to work with her for the day. These two just get one another. We even discovered the groom to be has a Blue Steel look. Who knew?

They are so beautiful together. They create a feeling of calm and giddy enthusiasm that only love can bring.

We all had a lot fun, it was easy and breezy, capturing the connection they possess. These two are truly wild at heart.


NYC Engagement Photography & the Pear Shaped Stone*

Although this edgy style may seem modern and new, its origins trace back to 1458, created by Flemish polisher named Lodewyk van Berquem. Does this name sound familiar? If so, it could be because van Berquem was the same diamond cutter who is responsible for the concept of symmetry and placement of facets in popular diamond cuts. Without van Berquem, diamonds would not be cut in a certain way to maximize the shine and sparkle that radiates from each rock.  Although many buyers are only concerned with the carat, when it comes to pear shapes, it’s essential to observe the color as well. Pear-shaped stones over one-carat in weight may seem to be darker at the tip, leading some buyers to move up one color grade than they normally would go with other shapes.

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