The Model Alliance Welcomes Miss Karen Elson

The Model Alliance Welcomes Miss Karen Elson

Model Alliance Welcomes Karen Elson @misskarenelson

  • What is the model alliance?
  • Who are their Board Members?
  • Why do models need workplace protection?

The Model Alliance is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Their job is to look under the fashion industry’s unturned stones to find the lapses that breed abuse.

Founded by Sarah Ziff, this policy group has done great work since its inception. To enumerate: equality, fair pay and safety is, above all, what they’re about. Models deserve fair work practices.

Sarah Ziff is the Founding Director and driveing force of this policy group.

The night of the party we gathered in a chic Soho boutique. Models mingled and became part of the conversation. The topic of the evening was safety in the workplace. Newest Board Member Karen Elson lead a great talk. Documentary style photography of this event was the name of the game. I was happy to provide it.

Moreover, The Model Alliance describes their mission perfectly: “Together, we’re developing a program to end abuse and foster a culture of accountability. With this intention, the program calls for an industry-wide code of conduct, enforcement, impartial investigations, clear consequences, training and education, and recognition of leadership.”

Thank you to hosts Kenza Fourati, Shivani Persad, James P. Scully, Robyn Lawley  Meredith Hattam. I was honored to provide event photography the Model Alliance for the evening. You are truly incredible women. Not to mention I can’t wait to shoot with you again. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

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Technical Notes:

Since this shoot was for publication, we used high end gear. Namely, ProFoto strobes and an absolutely mesmerizing 1970’s Nikon lens. For this reason, the look is moment-driven, boasting rich shadows and sexy highlights. The goal of this photo shoot was to provide Vogue Magazine, with a series of pictures to accompany a story. Additionally, the Alliance also gets to use these pictures for non profit fundraising.

Important to point out, awareness is the first step. If you’ve been assaulted or made to feel less-than while at work, contact the Alliance.

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