My Wikipedia Page

My Wikipedia Page

My Wikipedia page. Just the thought confuses me. I didn’t write it, I have no control over it, and it has gone through various stages of correctness and incorrectness over the years. Lately, as a result of a New York Times article I appeared in, it has seen a total gut job, and not by my hand.  It is almost as if those writing it were in some type of flame war over my credentials. All anyone had to do was ask me. You see, I am fairly easy to find. I have had the same phone number, email and URL for most of my career. Looking for me shouldn’t be all that difficult. In fact, I’m sure a monkey could do it.

What I like

There are things about my page that irritate me greatly. Some of my career highlights aren’t even on there, because the scholarly articles about my work are encrypted online in back catalogs of shows in museums. Because they can’t be easily confirmed by second or third sources there they shall remain.

What I dislike

I don’t know how I ended up here. I wish my presence on the web didn’t result in flame wars from people I don’t even know. And those things that aren’t true, I wish someone just asked me. But I suppose the world we live in is a world where everyone is an expert on my life. Except for me, that is.



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