NY Corporate Event Photography

NY Corporate Event Photography Service: for Corporate Clients, we do a deep dive.

Our team will research what works for the brand. We will shoot to emphasize what they are all about through their portraits of employees and in their video. For example, when tasked with the job of making a Psychiatry Practice accessible to patients who don’t know anything about psychiatry, we came up with the idea of having the Physicians talk about some common disorders they treat.

Doctor Laura Cox is a specialist in ADHD treatment

So, we filmed her talking about how to best approach ADHD.

Since patients with ADHD are commonly on the spectrum, we made the bold decision to have her look off camera. This decision was made so we could film her in a way that makes patients with eye to eye contact problems feel more comfortable. You can see a video of Dr. Cox here:  Dr. Cox

NY Corporate Event Photography

NY Corporate Events Photography Service. Modern Medicine Faces. Psychiatrist Portrait in White Outfit

Sometimes, we are asked to shoot events for these corporations. After all, a large part of owning a business is promoting it. We do content shoots for brands all the time. One such example was for a wedding gown atelier called The Cotton Bride. We made an exquisite  video showing off their work. Furthermore, when I cast the job, I made sure to sign up a non binary gender model.

The team quickly arrived at the decision to cast gender fluid celebrity Jeffrey Marsh.

Jeffrey was paired with a well known model for sustainable design, Aine Rose Campbell. Not only did we shoot a beautiful video, but we also shot their entire collection, two dresses at a time, with both models in frame. The dresses back and front, and in some cases, the back was even more gorgeous than the front. The team was not shy about putting Jeffrey front and center in dresses that seemed made for them.

You can read the superb review the owner of the atelier said about us: 

“The first time I ever saw a sample of Angela’s photography, I felt that her work was that of an artist and not just a regular photographer.  Angela has a great eye for color, light and composition which really comes through in her images.  She has done photography for our fashion collection and we are amazed at her ability to capture the exact essence of our designs and the women who buy them.  But, beyond the fact that she is a great photographer, Angela is a genuinely approachable and down-to-earth person who is a pleasure to work with.”

And if that isn’t enough, you can see the gorgeous video we shot for them here: video link

We had a collection of hand made, couture dresses at our disposal. Not only was showing off this brand’s talent a pleasure, they were also a joy to work with. We loved them so much, we borrowed one of these gorgeous gowns to make a video for another brand for a promotion video right here: Learn more

When we worked with a professional model named Camille, we were sure to highlight not only her pure beauty, but her versatility as an actor and model. It was important to use lightweight makeup shades on her gorgeous skin so her real beauty shone through.

Furthermore, we used several different hairstyles and looks to achieve what she wanted.

In the end, she was thrilled. “Angela is a dream for someone like me. I was a little unsure of what I wanted but she collaborated with me. She gave me photos I didn’t even know I wanted. She was patient and precise. Angela Cappetta is worth every penny!”   The link to this client’s project is here:  Read more

When we shot  artist  Marion Wilson we needed to show off not only her unique look, but her remarkable painting as well.

So, naturally, we combined the two. What we ended up with was an excellent range of portraits for Marion to use in her teaching and lecture profiles online. Furthermore, she loved the pictures so much, she was able to include them in a press release about her work at a gallery.

She went on to say” “I just finished a photo shoot with Angela using my sketchbooks as props in the portraits. I usually dislike being photographed but Angela made this comfortable, and original!!! She is supportive, smart and original with a beautiful studio backdrop. I’m thrilled and highly recommend Her!!!”  You can see a link to her portrait session here:

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