NYC City Hall FAQ

We compiled some NYC City Hall FAQ’s for you on this page.

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A couple getting married at NYC City Hall fills out a form together. Shot by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta.

A couple gets married at NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau. Shot by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR.

NYC Bangledesh wedding NYC City Hall shot by documentary style wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Q. What if I want to elope in NYC’s City Hall Marriage Bureau from overseas (NYC City Hall FAQ)?
A. So, most states require both spouses, the officiant, and one witness, to sign the marriage certificate. This is often done just after the ceremony. You can usually apply for your marriage license at any county clerk office in the state in which you want to be married. If you are coming to the US by yourselves, your photographer can be your witness. You can go to any circuit court in the state to apply for a marriage license. The cost is usually $35. Check out the rules in your country of origin first.
Q: What should I wear to my City Hall marriage?
A: City Hall has no dress code. Courthouse wedding dress varies from black tie to elevated street wear and absolutely everything in between. If you’ve dreamt of a traditional wedding attire, go for it. Otherwise, you may wish to opt for an outfit you love. The most important thing is to be yourself. There are no rules.
Q: How long does a City Hall ceremony typically last?
A: In our professional observation, ceremonies are quick and dirty at City Hall. To enumerate, the wedding ceremonies there usually last between 10-15 minutes, which is ample time to cover the basics:
  • A reading.
  • Your vows.
  • The ring exchange.
  • The kiss.
  • And the final pronouncement.
They’re pretty great, and, depending on who is marrying you, the ceremony has a lot of personality.

Couple drinking seltzer in NYC after their NYC CIty Hall wedding. Shot with DSLR by Angela Cappetta.NYC City Hall FAQ

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