NY Portrait Photography Service. Contortionist Link Tej shot during COVID by Angela Cappetta NYC Portrait Photographer

NY Portrait Photography Services

NY Portrait Photography Services

NYC Portrait Photography Services. Recently, a client posted such a great review for us regarding our professional portrait services. They and their private medical practice have become regular clients and we love working with them. “Angela shot both mine and my wife’s headshots for work, we are both doctors in private practice, and are thrilled with the results. There were included several looks for each of us, and a stylist for my wife. These pictures are great. It’s vital to have great pictures because every picture is on the internet forever, including MySpace from when you were 16.  Make sure your best foot is forward online.  Don’t let your clients think of you as an angsty twenty something. Now when people search for me, they see the medical doctor I am, not the heavy metal enthusiast I was.”

NYC Portrait Photography Services

What is a portrait? Simply, it is a representation of a person. The meaning, though, has expanded. Now, portraiture is thought of as a clear representation of a pet, group or even an inanimate object. A self-portrait is a portrait of the artist by the artist. In essence, portraiture is a form of expression going back to ancient Egypt, where it flourished about 5,000 years ago. A painted, sculpted, or hand-drawn portrait was the only way to record the appearance of someone.

For us, a portrait means so much. We all need portraits. Actors, LinkedIn profiles, professionals and even artists. We’ve shot it all. And we love it. Our top notch team of hair and makeup artists is ready to make you shine. All you do is show up and be your beautiful self. Let us handle the rest.

Put yourself first and hire the best photographer.

Make the best investment you can. Invest in yourself. So, if your company needs to show their best possible face, our team will make it happen. Stills, video or other content, we are an end-to-end media company. And we are here to make it happen for you. A client graciously said this: “Angela is a power force. Even if you are not in a mood to shoot. She will get it done. She finds something in you that makes you feel special and boom. We got it.”

NY Portrait Photography Services

NYC Portrait Photography Services. Chef at home preparing holiday meal shot by NYC portrait photographer Angela Cappetta

NY Portraits Photography Service. When we worked with a professional model named Camille, we were sure to highlight not only her pure beauty, but her versatility as an actor and model. Importantly, we used lightweight makeup shades on her gorgeous skin so her real beauty shone through. Furthermore, we used several different hairstyles and looks to achieve what she wanted. In the end, she was thrilled.

“Angela is a dream for someone like me. I was a little unsure of what I wanted but she collaborated with me. She gave me [NY portraits photography service] photos I didn’t even know I wanted. Angela was patient and precise. Worth every penny!”  

The link to this client’s project is here:  Read more

When we shot a fabulous artist named Marion, we needed to show off not only her unique look, but her remarkable painting as well. So, naturally, we combined the two. What we ended up with was an excellent range of portraits for Marion to use in her teaching and lecture profiles online.

Regarding the NY portraits photography service for which we were hired. Well, she loved the pictures so much, the artist even included them in a press release.

Marion went on to say” “I just finished a photo shoot with Angela using my sketchbooks as props in the portraits. Although I usually dislike being photographed, Angela made me comfortable. Angela is supportive, smart and original with a beautiful studio backdrop. Needless to say I’m thrilled and highly recommend her!” 

You can see a link to her portrait session here.

NY Portrait Photography Services

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