Photography Workshops

Chow dog looking out of a first story window against a blue wall. by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops

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Starts June 5

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Leica M6 photo shot in FLorence, Italy by FIne art photographer Angela Cappetta.

Photography Workshops.  Angela Cappetta offers one-on-one remote and in-person coaching, master classes and workshops. She specializes in documentary-style photography projects and portraiture. With evolving photographers, we delve into subjects like project development, flash technique and editing.  Angela is a highly experienced shooter, author and teacher whose unpretentious, down-to-earth style inspires others to double down, get over themselves and make their best work possible.

So, some of the topics we will cover include:

  • How to write a project summary.
  • Choice of format and prepping your gear.
  • Doubling down and making the work in a consistent and quantifiable way.
  • Collaboration with others.
  • Being comfortable when shooting.

Learn how to embed yourself into a long term project. These building blocks of shooting offer persistence and focus to shooters, no matter their stage of career development. Angela works with those who want to create and pursue their projects purposefully.

During critique and technique:

1. What do you want from your work?

2. Review your work for strengths and weaknesses.

3. Once Analyzed, determine modifications needed.

4. Actionable steps including invisible fixes for most impact.

Furthermore, throughout her career, Angela has taught at SVA, ICP and lectured at The New School and Pratt. Her work is collected by illustrious institutions like the New York Public Library Picture Collection, The Corcoran Museum of Art and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Also, Angela is a three-time MacDowell Fellow and a NYFA Fellow.

Angela’s work has been featured in The New Yorker’s column Photo Booth  Great Photography Past and Present.


Teal Cadillac on East Houston Street by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Italy and corsica summer panorama by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.Shower curtain in an NYC bathroom by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops. A deer lawn ornament with broken legs in upstate NY by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops. An above ground pool in upstate NY by Angela Cappetta. Shot with real film.

Photography Workshops. In the ring with Adidas boxer Heather Hardy and her trainer. Shot at Gleason's Gym by freelance photojournalist Angela Cappetta. Nikon DSLR.

Rate my professor review image. SVA.

Photography Workshops

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