Behind the Scenes NYFW|Garment District

Behind the Scenes NYFW|Garment District

Behind the Scenes NYFW

Behind the Scenes NYFW. Feeling NYFW coming on? Take a look at this behind the scenes portfolio of a designer’s work getting runway ready. It isn’t all as pretty as you think. There is so much work that goes into making a garment. It is obvious that this particular portfolio shown is among one of the last steps. The patterns are templated into samples. Furthermore, there is writing on the pieces indicating what changes need to be made. The tailor is scissors and pins on the ready to make all the minute changes that makes something look and feel gorgeous on the wearer.

From what I learned, the process inside of the workroom goes something like this.

To enumerate:

  1. The design is sketched, born on a piece of paper.
  2. Then, the design is re-sketched.
  3. Then it is rendered and made into a pattern.
  4. Fabric is sourced, colors chosen, textures decided upon.
  5. Fit model is cast from an agency.
  6. Muslin templates are made off the paper patterns onto a fit model.
  7. The muslin templates are refitted several times on the fit model.
  8. Garment is then made into the fabric it will be manufactured in. This is called a sample.
  9. The sample garment is then fine tuned into the size of the fit model.
  10. It is manufactured.
  11. Runway ready!

So, it’s obvious I’m in love with this subject. It is an amazing process to shoot with a flash. I am in love with it.

Let’s shoot.




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