Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography

Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography

Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.


Let us examine the location itself. The Bethesda Terrace boasts an adjoining Fountain are the two features which overlook  the lake within Central Park. The fountain is called the Angel of the Waters, It is  prominently located in the center of the terrace and offers an incredible place to photography.


Furthermore, The richly tiled design of the inside of the terrace is also a remarkable place to hold a ceremony and photograph. It is utterly iconic and serves as a backdrop to a great many movie scenes throughout cinematic history. It was designed by Architect and Park co-designer Calvert Vaux together with his assistant, Jacob Wrey Mould, who was responsible for the intricate carvings on the Terrace’s architectural features. They are a must see when visiting that park of the Park.


Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography is Iconic

This couple was eloquent in their knowledge of art and technique. Naturally, they chose an available light package. The full range of the lenses are beautifully realized in the work. We shot 35mm throughout the day. In particular, this couple was very clear about wanting the work to have an easy breezy summer feeling.  The richness of the late summer light is communicated effectively throughout the entire day.  We made a beautiful album for this couple. A real record of the day. Truly, every bit as historic as the venue itself. Oh, and that chic tea length wedding dress? The bride snagged off the tack. What a short hemline dream come true.


Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography


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