Boston Wedding Photography

Boston Wedding Photography

Boston wedding photography shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.


Let us examine the road itself. The Boston Post Road was a mail-delivery route which ran between New York City and Boston, Massachusetts.  As the country matured, the Post Road evolved into one of the first major thoroughfares in the US.


Sarah and Jesse tied the knot on the eponymous Old Post Road in Boston. As one of the oldest routes in North America, it provided a remarkable backdrop for an American wedding. Furthermore, as an original First Nations trail, the road was established by colonists in the 1600’s.


Furthermore, although many roads in the US are called Post Road, this one is the most ancient. Important to note, we even shot the couple’s solo pictures inside of an original one-room schoolhouse on the Post Road. To enumerate the ancient items in the very small building, there was a slate chalk board, early American flag, original school desks. And, the original wood stove that kept the students warm remains intact.


The Beauty of Real Film

This couple was eloquent in their knowledge of art and technique. Naturally, they chose an all film package. We shot 35mm and medium format, as well as some sheet film. In particular, this couple was very clear about how important it was for them to have an analog wedding photography experience. Delivering their job was easy, as we had all the negatives scanned to provide the ease of a fully digital workflow. Technology has changed how we offer our film options to our clients. The full range of film is beautifully realized while none of the ease of digital is neglected.

The richness of the late summer light is communicated effectively once scanned.  We made a beautiful album for them. A real record of the day. Truly, every bit as historic as the venue itself.


Oh, and that chic tea-length wedding dress? The bride snagged it off of Ebay for $35.00.


Boston Wedding Photography


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