Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Brooklyn Wedding Photography was shot on location with DSLR by Angela Cappetta.

Alberto and Jeff considered destination wedding photography. For a while, Venice was on the table as an international wedding location. But they wanted to be able to walk home. So, Brooklyn it was. We shot with a DSLR for the entire night. Importantly, the couple had a no-formals rule for the family. They wanted everyone to be able to relax. The grooms fully trusted us to capture the modern, fine-art wedding photography look that they wanted.


NYC Wedding Photography with Candids Only

Except for a few of them alone in the park. This is what the grooms wanted. A true, editorial feel. They wanted all their energy for the party. And what a party it was. The ceremony was in a park, then we walked pied piper style with an all girl mariachi band to the reception. The restaurant they rented was in a historic brownstone. And no surprise, the wedding was even featured on Good Morning America, where Alberto is an Emmy-award winning producer.

Wedding Testimonial from Jeff

From our groom Jeff:

“Angela shot our wedding photos in October and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  We went through several portfolios of other photographers and kept seeing the same canned approach, over and over again.  Angela delivered exactly what we wanted: Candid, natural, editorial-looking photos that captured the true spirit and celebration of our event.  She also took the time to get to know us personally a few weeks before the wedding which I thought was smart.  It broke the ice and created a rapport that continued through to the event.

She did her job with both passion and professionalism and never once seemed to be disruptive “to get the shot” (I find it annoying at weddings to be engaged in conversion only to be told to stop and pose for a photo–this never happened with Angela, which I greatly appreciated).   She was great with our guests and made everyone feel as if we’d known her all our lives.    When she delivered the photos shortly after, we were extremely happy with her work.  She’s both talented and professional and would hands-down recommend her for your event.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions we made with regards to our wedding.”


Muchos felicidades Alberto y Jeff. Te queremos mucho!


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