NYC Family Photographer

NYC Family Photographer

NYC Family Photographer. Family Photography and Video Services Available Worldwide.

NYC Family photographer. Kiddo|Family Photography NYC. Lots of people can take a great picture. Even you! But it’s our job to balance the complex technique of photography and, moreover, capture your unique energies. Film, DSLR, video or still. It’s never more important than when we shoot family photography, newborn shoots, angsty teens, maternity photo sessions or even a destination family reunion. We are there to provide to you the essence of what makes your gang special. We may decide to shoot your clan at home, in your favorite café or even at a favorite park. Perhaps you all enjoy taking a walk with ice cream cone. Furthermore, a piano, skating or gymnastics lesson is also a great opportunity. Really, anything is game. In essence, whatever location upon which we decide, it is in search of the spark that binds you. The essential, intangible qualities which make you and yours so vastly different from anybody else. We joyfully create work our clients are proud to display and cherish for years.


Because we get so many questions about newborns and babies, we enumerated baby photo session FAQ’s below:

Will you shoot my newborn?

We love the tiniest of creatures. Even when they’re still kind of wrinkled and squishy. Babies are awesome when they’re that tiny, and we’d be honored to shoot your tiny person in a basket, on a sheepskin or sleeping on top of the dog. Bring it on.

What if my baby is fussy during the photoshoot?

It is completely normal for your baby to become fussy at least once during the session. It can be awfully cute, so don’t fret.

My dad is ornery af. How do you deal with the recalcitrant elderly?

Just like you, our team also have families. Our cinematographer’s dad never travels because he “has google maps”. Angela’s dad only eats the same five things every day. Our sound editor’s grandfather thinks YouTube is a government conspiracy. Ornery is something we are as accustom to as breathing. You don’t do this for a living without adopting some hardcore people skills. Of course, you can’t please everyone all the time, but we go over and above to try our best. Your dad deserves as much kindness and respect as our own ornery dads. No need to fret, we got you covered for kiddo|family photography NYC.

I’m still breastfeeding. Can we stop to feed my baby during the shoot?

We can take as many breaks as you need. After all, everyone needs to eat!

Do you like babies?

Babies are the best! We love babies and will, surely, we have all the patience in the world for that little person you brought into your life.

Can we shoot if my baby is cranky?

Sometimes when they’re cranky we get the sweetest pictures. So, in short, the answer is a gigantic yes.

As long as you’re here, can we do my wife’s LinkedIn headshot?

Sessions are limited to the job scope in our contract. If we are doing an extended family shoot we will write a script and scout the best location in advance. However, if someone needs a headshot, we’ll set it up and shoot it properly another day in our studio so you can be pampered and happy.

Do you offer video services?

Yes! Top notch  family photography NYC video services are also available. We will do a gorgeous short film of your family with natural lighting, cool edits and music. In addition to a full two to three minute reel of your family shoot, we will even provide ten second teasers for you to share with your family on Instagram. Video is our favorite. It provides immediate joy and satisfaction, and we love to share it with our clients.

Do your NYC family photography services offer albums?

Not only do we offer albums, but we can provide you with a secure link to order framed pieces as well. Furthermore, our vendor is a New York family photographer album company. Nothing is done off shore, keeping the carbon footprint of every piece you order as low as possible. We also offer papers made with post consumer waste, fabric cover options, and acid free inks. In short, everything we provide is meant to last generations. These are heirloom pieces.

Please describe your point of view as an NYC Family photographer?

We are not taking sanitized, powerless family photos. Our goal is to capture the micro moments that make your family unique. We want our clients to know they are in good hands. The opportunity for everyone to be themselves is our goal. If the best place for this is the interior of your lovely home, then that’s great! However, if the cafe in your neighborhood is where you rack up all of your waking quality time, then that’s great, too. The dog park, the kids’ favorite park, the ice cream shop. Anything is game. Our aim is to make great, collaborative work. Along the line, our work may get her featured in a magazine or a blog. That’s always fun. We live for documenting the intimacy and relationships that glue your spirits together as one family.

Levels of investment?

We always prefer to keep things natural, authentic and real. It is with this approach that we are able to keep costs down and focus on the goal. To capture your family as you are. This is what leads to meaningful family moments. We are interested in storytelling with imagery. To enumerate some estimates:

  • In-home family photo sessions without video start at about $2,950.00 USD.
  • If you wish to fly us to your family reunion, we are thrilled to accommodate you. We speak multiple languages and clean driver’s licenses. All team members can drive manual transmission.
  • Depending on where this reunion is taking place and the amount of coverage, shoot fees begin at about $9,500.00 USD.
  • To include video, our clients typically invest an additional $8,500.00 USD.
  • All of these costs depend on job scope. They are not exact.
  • We will price out a package of deliverables that works best for your job.



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