Italy Documentary Photography

Italy Documentary Photography

Italy documentary style photography with real film. All of this work was made in a darkroom.

Italy documentary style photography. Docu-Style Film Photography, Medium Format. Select prints available for sale. All prints are from a small, first edition series. They’re all signed and dated, and can be inscribed if you like. Furthermore, I include free US shipping within the US continent.

To enumerate, here are available sizes:

  • Artist proofs are 11×14″
  • Exhibition prints ate 16×20″
  • Some are still available.
  • Also available are two 18×24″ approximate size Giclée prints on rare, Japanese paper are remaining.
L’Ulivello is a villa in Tuscany where was based. It was a private home in the Chianti region near Florence. An ancestral home. This is where I shot most of my work that year.

In my post graduate years, I was working three jobs to save money for college. I hustled to get my bank account respectable enough to take low-paying jobs overseas. I needed money for film and darkroom supplies. This set of priorities, typical of any artist, yielded this body of work. I had a very simple goal but no real agenda. I was there to shoot the day to day Italian life I saw. My job was, to beautify, in film, the daily chores which surrounded me. The people, the hills, the ideas. Things I happened upon. After all, I am a documentary-style photographer. Oh, and, duh, the light. That magnificent Tuscan light. It is just like frosting.


Featured on Edge of Humanity’s critical photography blog under “Rural Life”.



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