Landscape Film Photography

Landscape Film Photography

Landscape film photography. Shot by location photographer Angela Cappetta entirely in Medusa, NY using an analog camera and real 35mm film.

Landscape Film Photography

These pictures are a love letter to the mountains of Medusa, NY

Select landscape film photography prints still available for sale.

Title: Medusa

Description: 35mm and 6×9 Color Negative Photography, made into Chromagenic Prints. Signed en verso.

Summary:  The pictures themselves are a reflection of the rural landscape of an upstate New York Hamlet called Medusa, Medusa, is situated in the Village of Rensselaerville, In addition to being to birthplace of the great Bill Gedney, Medusa is a working farm community whose specialty crop is its tender, award-winning garlic. Furthermore, there are several Catskills wedding barns opening up.

Medusa, NY is the perfect place to shoot.

Medusa is draped across a valley. It is near Windham Mountain. The project included with this summary is a color essay in rural life. Steeped in landscape, heavily influenced by the poetry of William Carlos Williams and Robert Frost. These pictures are printed from hand-processed negatives on Chromagenic paper. Important to note, the work is shot mostly in early morning and late afternoon. Also, the project satisfies an infatuation with velvety light.

So, why a Leica? Any Leica M series machine makes a good landscape camera. However, any SLR or rangefinder camera can be used to shoot interesting landscapes. Importantly, I enjoy using a rangefinder because you can see your light. Furthermore, you can see around the bright lines of the frame nicely.

In the end, or whether or not you’ve made a decent picture, is not dependent on the camera and more dependent on the user. Don’t get too caught up in this question, however. This is the method which works for me. That’s all that matters. What works for you is for you to decide after trial and error.

Landscape film photography. by location photographer Angela Cappetta



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