Lookbook for Designer: The Cotton Bride

Lookbook for Designer: The Cotton Bride

Lookbook for Designer

Lookbook for Designer: We are a true end to end media company. We shoot every lookbook like it is your most important fashion line. We will help you end to end. From video, to sound, to photography. Cappetta|MEDIA will assemble a dream team for you. From beauty department to stylists to castings for models, we do it all. We help you conceptualize all of it. Our team will even write the script. Call us the next time your fashion line needs to look its best. Even if you want to launch before fashion week. From New York to Paris, we got you!


This lookbook was shot exclusively for the designer  atelier the Cotton Bride. We and the cotton bride cast this with Genderfluid celeb Jeffrey Marsh and model Aine Rose Campbell. Shot entirely on location by NYC Fashion Photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR. So, as Jeffrey said on the day of the shoot “Fashion is for everyone.”


To enumerate, we shot ten dresses that day. That is an enormous amount of work. Furthermore, every single dress in the collection was hand made with skilled fingers in a small atelier in NYC. Chris Kole, the Creative Director of the brand, has elevated the look of cotton and natural fibers for the couture wedding market.


Lookbook for Designer The Cotton Bride in NYC



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