Multiple Sclerosis Vid

Multiple Sclerosis Vid

Multiple Sclerosis Vid

Every moment is a bridge to another moment.

We edit, cut, and score everything together to assure that our signature look* is delivered to our clients.

What our creative team of wedding photographers and videographers love most about shooting in the documentary format, much like jazz, is that it is improvisational in nature. One has to be always thinking on one’s feet. Quickly, but with intention and deep affection for the subject matter. Because of this, it is always exciting, mostly because we never know what is going to happen. Furthermore, there has to exist a natural pairing between still and motion. Our team has a cohesive vision, and we work flawlessly together.

We learn in the field and in the editing suite, as shooters and editors, to consider all the footage into its purest form. Creating our own footage full-time has been a dream come true.



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