NY Botanical Garden Wedding Photographer

NY Botanical Garden Wedding Photographer

A socially distanced wedding of two COVID nurses shot by a NY Botanical Garden Wedding Photographer. These two New York nurses are hometown heroes from the big apple. Not only did they work in a COVID unit in a hospital during the height of the pandemic, they did so while postponing their own wedding. Selfless, remarkable and joyful describes this remarkable couple.

The wedding dress selection

About the dress, the bride said “I wear scrubs all day so I really wanted something that felt like wearing jewelry. It was like wearing a really pretty straight jacket because of all the intricate beading. But it was worth it.” This made me lol very heartily. This gorgeous wedding was entirely on location at the New York Botanical Garden and it was shot by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta using a combo of real film and DSLR.

Shooting the wedding

The real film portion was shot during the bride’s dress fitting at Pronovias. She graciously invited me to cover her fitting. This is a very small, private experience. It is just me, the seamstress and the Client. I am allowed unfettered access into the fitting room where I get to shoot the whole process! The making of a bustle always fascinates me the most. How on earth does someone learn how to do that? The talent these ladies have at some of the highest end bridal salons is just incredible to me. It is one of my favorite things in the world to shoot.


To enumerate, here is the vendor round up:

NY Botanical Garden Wedding Photography Cappetta | Media

Ceremonies By Larissa

Pearl Xu

Forever In Bloom

A LatinX bride and caucasian groom grab a joyful moment at the azalea garden at the New York Botanical Garden. Shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR. Pronovias dress.DJ

Twigs and Honey


Gem Breakfast


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