NYC Maternity Photography

NYC Maternity Photography

A Bit About NYC Maternity Photography and Dress Fittings

NYC Maternity Photography and Dress Fittings. We will shoot your wedding dress fitting and maternity photography with the same care and artistic edge with which we shoot your fine art wedding photography or portrait. We love the study of process: the process of making a well-crafted dress or the process of brewing up a baby. Sign us up. Custom cameras, real black and white film and analog prints are all available. As a result, we create work our clients are proud to display and cherish for years.

Project Summary: NYC Maternity Photography and Dress Fittings

 Mirrored rooms heaped with layers of denim shed for charmeuse. Cheap cotton bras exchanged for phenomenons from France. Madison Avenue ateliers. I was graciously offered open access to this parallel universe. Lovingly, I’d approach each gown fitting with abandon. Who wouldn’t? It is a marvelous beautification. A uniquely adult dress-up ritual.

Sign me up.

But then, I was struck with curiosity about what came next. This lead me to consider pointing my lens beyond the dressing room. I ascertained quickly that I had to follow these women home. Where applicable, I asked my models if I could come back to shoot the maternity portion of their lives. Not one said no.


By converging the two life events, I have learned to equate the desire to corral one’s body into a brutal but lovely dress, with the desire to distort that same body by becoming pregnant. 


This discomfort, desire and urge. It smacks of patriarchy and social conditioning. But it is still a profound language of the heart. I shoot this pair of events to observe this language with complete respect.


A Little Bit About How it All Works: Let’s say you’re getting hitched and you want to wear something fabulous.

This part of it isn’t for everyone because not everyone wears something that needs alteration. To enumerate: some people wear tuxes, pants suits, or something off the rack the needs no fitting done. No matter what you’re wearing, if you end up taking it to a tailor to be fitted, bring me with you! I’d love to bring my gear into your dressing room and shoot the whole process. Out of your street clothes and into your wedding clothes.


Seems simple, right? But then the tailor or seamstress (or your mom! I’ve shot this, to) gets to work. Pins, measuring, scissors etc. It’s all a wonderful, visual, parallel-universe. The spontaneous aspects of what happens inside the atelier is nothing short of a trip to heaven for someone like me. These are the things I love to shoot. Stolen moments, intimacy, emotion, artistry, to name a few. It all ties into the narrative of the turning point you’re about to experience.


So, what if you’re preggo.

Also, super cool. When I shoot a real film or a DSLR pregnancy session, I’m interested in the same type of honesty. The sideways glance at the thing you almost missed, that’s what I love. When I get to your home, I see how everyone approaches it. Furthermore, some parents glam up before I arrive. Some keep it super casual. In the end, no matter what works for you, I am happy to shoot your most personal expression of who you are. No matter what your family looks like.


Let’s shoot!



NYC Maternity Photography and Dress Fittings

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