Wedding Video Sizzle Reel

Wedding Video Sizzle Reel

Our Wedding Video Sizzle Reel


Enjoy our Wedding Video Sizzle Reel. We will write up and customize a NYC Wedding Video Package that gives you and your families everything you need.  Our documentary style videos go hand in hand with our docu style photography. Sometimes, we even edit our stills into the videos for a seamless look.  Furthermore, we travel worldwide. There is no barrier to the work we provide our clients. Marriage on a mountaintop, no problem. Toes in the sand? We love the beach! Let us show you how we can shoot a video that makes your memories last. In the meantime, above is our sizzle reel. This shows the best of the best of our wedding projects. These rhythmically edited highlights show off our expert handling of motion.


We especially love it (Video Sizzle Reel)

when clients don’t have any other desire than to have a cool, gorgeous video. We are at our best when we can let go and shoot every little thing we love at an Event. Our extensive experience shooting events like NYFW and other various private sector jobs makes us particularly successful when we shoot your NYC wedding video or destination wedding video.


Feel free to see more of our Wedding Video Sizzle Reel as well as other content on our You Tube Channel. Hit subscribe to follow us and see our newest videos as we post them.


“A sizzle reel is the most attention-grabbing type of video portfolio/resume, more or less used by creatives in their careers. The sizzle reel goes by different names such as; demo reels, promo videos, teasers, pitch tapes and various others. Sizzle reels are intended to show a select audience a project and someone’s creative skill through a short introduction video. Typically, they range from two to five minutes. The shorter the better, as people’s attention can only be kept for so long.”


sizzle reel
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