Psych! Studio Portraits of MD’s

Psych! Studio Portraits of MD’s

New Faces of Modern Medicine

Here are studio portraits shot for Brooklyn Minds. Brooklyn Minds is a full service mental health practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are also a regular client of ours.

The idea of the concierge medical practice is a new concept in care. This type of practice offers a broad range of services. Pretty much all of your mental health needs are fulfilled here.

We shot their new team members: an M.D., a social worker, and their new Practice Manager.

So, if your company needs to show their best possible face, our team will make it happen. Stills, video or other content, we are an end-to-end media company. And we are here to make it happen for you!

Studio portrait of clinician shot for Brooklyn Minds Medical Practice Brooklyn, NY
Studio portrait of clinician Erica Zajac.
Studio portrait of management shot for Brooklyn Minds Medical Practice Brooklyn, NY
MD management studio portrait Zachary Forrest.
Studio portrait of MD shot for Brooklyn Minds Medical Practice Brooklyn, NY
Studio portrait of Dmitry Ostrovsky, M.D.

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Hair and Makeup by Julissa Lopez.

What is a clinician?

Because some health-care professionals treat under the care of an M.D., NP’s, social workers, therapists, physical therapists, as well as physician assistants, are often called clinicians.

Clinicians are trained to examine, diagnose and treat illness. And many even prescribe medications. However, some refer out for prescriptions.

Furthermore, a clinician may assist an M.D. in office.  However, some are not licensed to perform certain tasks like surgery.

Simply put, the major difference between an attending M.D and a clinician is that an attending M.D. works autonomously. However, a clinician always works under the supervision of the M.D..

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