Real Film. What’s Old is New Again

Real film. Modern ballet dancer in training shot by location photographer Angela Cappetta with medium format and real film

Real Film. What’s Old is New Again

Shot and Written by Angela Cappetta

The family listens to speeches at a wedding at Sole East on Montauk. Shot with real film by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta.

Real black and white negatives create real darkroom prints. These last generations.

Film photography is simply the best medium. It is so much fun to shoot. 

In case you don’t remember your primary school photography classes, the details of the process of making you a real film darkroom print include:

  • a darkroom
  • end-to-end light sensitive materials
  • chemistry
  • a whole lot of know-how
You may think you’re missing out by not hiring a photographer who offers real film. Of course, all that matters is that you love their work. But you can’t expect a photographer to know how to shoot film if they just drop it off at a lab. If you want the song that real film sings, you need a master conductor.  There are 100’s of steps to be properly executed so you hear that beautiful song.
Maternity shoot with real film by NYC maternity photographer Angela Cappetta

Maternity shoot with real film by NYC maternity photographer Angela Cappetta

The overall quality of  darkroom prints is so impressive; the humble grain rivals the finest megapixels of converted digital files.

This process is meant to make you think you have black + white film images, but really you just have converted color ones. The quality of real black and white is so stunning, that is as if you’re looking at your job with a time machine.

How much does a wedding photgrapher cost in New York?A bride gets ready with her mother in the bride's room at Congregation Rodelf Shalom on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Shot by Master Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta with real film and a medium format camera.

Because even though the negative is analog, its still a negative. Hire a photographer who is a master. We are here to guide you through the process.

Real black and white Kodak 35mm shot on location at a wedding in Turkey.

Tuscan landscape. Real black and white 35mm shot with a Leica. By Angela Cappetta.


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