Red Lady: Portraits of a Blue Eyed Star

Red Lady: Portraits of a Blue Eyed Star

Red Lady: Malgosia Garnys


Red Lady Malgosia Garnys is a force. A multi talented goddess. For this shoot she was a Red Lady. She created a character beyond what I could have imagined.

When you meet her, at first, you can’t help but become entranced. She is taller than I am, which doesn’t happen often. At 6’2″ she carries herself graciously and with a noble carriage.

Originally from Poland and now living in New York City she has an natural leaning toward contemporary Tokyo street style. Furthermore, Malgosia shows tremendous promise as part of a new generation of actors/directors. She is performative even at rest, her green eyes look right through you, and her smile is infectious. When she got in front of my lens magic happened. But really, its a lesson in teamwork. A photographer is only as good as the willingness of her subject. Malgosia’s portraits are a throwback to vintage French screen sirens. She inspired me to elevate my vision.

Malgosia graciously said this:
“Angela is a power force. Even if you are not in a mood to shoot. She will get it done. She finds something in you that makes you feels special and boom. We got it.”

A little bit more about Malgosia.

Career – Background “I performed in every single school play I could, but I was raised to be an athlete –  I played volleyball professionally which taught me to never ever give up and be the best at what I do. Despite this, there was no ‘plan B.’ I am an actress and a performer.” Main awards “I’ve won them all, I just haven’t received them yet.” What’s ahead “I’m presently working on my debut feature film projects and I am in a process of developing a one-woman show for off-Broadway.” Alternative projects “As far as I am concerned, life is all about Shakespeare and Rock ‘n Roll but looking at and making any kind of art makes me happy. I love to travel, snowboard and go swimming, too.”

Malgosia Wearing Red

Red Lady Malgosia Wearing Red

Malgosia Hair Flip

Red Lady Malgosia Hair Flip

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