Feeling Big: Sculptor Thomas Lendvai

Feeling Big: Sculptor Thomas Lendvai

Feeling Big:

Sculptor Thomas Lendvai

Written by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta


Sculptor Thomas Lendvai.

Brooklyn-based artist Thomas Lendvai transforms everyday construction materials into large-scale, site-responsive, sculpture-based experience.Through his work, Lendvai melds his knowledge of carpentry, taught to him by his Hungarian father at an early age. Along with his interest in modernist and post-modernist theory of sculpture, Thomas makes pieces that look deceptively light. In addition, philosophical and scientific definitions of time and space are inherent in his work.

Lendvai’s site-responsive installations make use of geometric forms, naturally.

Sculptor Thomas Lendvai for the Medusa Project, Inc.

So, with these, he address concepts of space and time. To engage audiences through experiential installations, he encourages movement and a continuous awareness, for instance. Therefore, this allows for audiences to experience a tactile, spacial engagement.

To enumerate, Lendvai’s sculptures and site-responsive installations have been exhibited in Tokyo, Japan; Chicago, Illinois; Key West, Florida; and more recently in Hoboken, New Jersey; and Brooklyn, New York.

Along with his BA at SUNY Stony Brook. Furthermore, he holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts.

Importantly, Lendvai is of Hungarian descent and is a first generation American.

Sculptor Thomas Lendvai interview by Angela Cappetta

Sculptor Thomas Lendvai interview by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Furthermore, you may explore more of Thomas’ work here:



And to buy the piece shown, visit @themedusaproj ‘s non profit store

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