Seven Must Have Wedding Shots

Bride holds out family handkerchief shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta with DSLR

Seven Must Have Wedding Shots

The Seven Must-Have Wedding Shots We Love to Capture


Seven Must Have Wedding Shots. Written and Shot by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta


Hello everyone! With the lockdown still happening in varying degrees state by state, let’s take a moment to look ahead. In the future, when gatherings happen again and everyone has been vaccinated against COVID, we will have a lot of work to do. We will all be flying around again, shooting celebrations, partaking in the joy of love. The film, 35mm, medium format, or DSLR. It doesn’t matter. As long as we get to celebrate with you.


No doubt, you’ll trust your photographer to cover everything. And you should! After all, you hired them because you love their work. But let’s talk a little bit about Murphy’s Law:


Although covering everything is generally the plan, it is better to organize a must-have list with your photographer before your wedding day arrives. Organize what you ask? Well, of course, ask for what shots really mean most to you. Do this via a well-organized schedule of must-have photos as the day unfolds. Photos that are meaningful to you. Some you will be able to achieve this. However, some of you will not. Why did you ask? Because Murphy’s Law will be in full force. You will need expectations managed by your team. Below, though, are the shots we both love and try to always cover.  And after reading this article you’ll see why.


So let’s glimpse into my personal favorite seven must-have wedding shots. Enjoy!

1. Your Bridesmaids and GroomsmenTogether (Candid Version)

We could shoot the getting ready part all day long. It is full of expectation and joy. Whether it is brides or grooms, we love this part of the day, and we cover it thoroughly. Just imagine all your bridesmaids lined up watching you get into that dress. The looks on everyone’s faces. We wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Groomsmen gather outside church at wedding in Boston shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Bridesmaids together running into a quaker meeting house to escape the cold.

Seven Must Have Wedding Shots

2. A Ring Still Life (Super Formal)

The littlest details shine the brightest. We can’t miss the opportunity to capture a lovely still life with jewelry or even a handkerchief. It helps us show a big overview of the smallest elements. The wedding ring is the symbol of eternity. So let’s take a deep dive and make sure it is beautifully shot.

Wedding bands and embossed printing on invitations at the New York Athletic club shot with DSLR by Angela Cappetta fine art wedding photographer.

Engagement Ring Inside Flowers

Detail of ring and bouquet took from Terrace Suite at The Quin Hotel shot by Angela Cappetta.

3. Getting Into Your Outfit (Unsexy Version)

Whether it is a suit or a wedding dress, do not miss this opportunity. You will love looking back and seeing come to life your painstaking decisions of what to wear. You took such time to choose your wedding clothes. Let us shoot you really celebrating how much you love it. So what there are five hands up your skirt. The love and joy are what we’re after. Not a hypersensitized version of reality. And maybe it’ll even make you laugh as you leaf through your album.

Buck's County Wedding Photography. A bride gets sewn into her hand made wedding dress at home. Bridesmaids gather around her to help. This intimate moment was shot with medium format color film by fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Bride gets dressed at Sole East in Montauk shot with real film by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

4. The Reception Setup (Before Dinner Service Starts)

You both worked so hard figuring out where to put whom where. The elegant choices of your room and tables also need to be remembered before everyone sits. So, before anyone arrives for the ceremony, it is the ideal time to shoot how lovely and quiet the space looks. The calm before the storm, as it were. It is a wonderful opportunity to make a very special, mixed media still life.

Table set in Indian style with sari fabric and rich colors shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Glam style table set for dinner in a rustic barn shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Seven Must-Have Wedding Shots

5. Those Shoes (Duh)

In the case of brides, I see no reason why you shouldn’t shoot a still life of what will possibly be the most beautiful shoes you may ever buy. It is a moment, as much as any other larger moments in your wedding compendium of moments. It is so sweetly symbolic to show you walking into a new life together. Men’s shoes, eh, not so much. Not as sparkly.

Brooklyn micro wedding shot with 6 guest by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

a still life of bridal shoes and clutch, shot at the New York Athletic Club by NYC fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Seven Must Have Wedding Shots

6. The Wedding Favors 

So carefully considered. So well thought out. Then lovingly displayed so everyone sees them and gets one. We wouldn’t miss the final thought of you giving everyone a personal thank you from your heart. Get a shot of these before they are decimated by the joyful hands grabbing theirs out the door.

A detail of wedding guest favors by a stained glass window. Shot at the New York Athletic Club with DSLR by NYC fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.


7. The Guestbook

Of the list of seven must have wedding shots, the guests signing the guest book is one of our favorites.

Imagine a photo tucked into the book next to the note of the person who left it. It is called double vintage and it’s a trick museums use. When you can show evidence of the action as it happens, you have a very special thing. This is why we love to shoot your guests leaving their mark on your milestone. It is a family, it is love, it is utterly ancestral.

Wedding guests sign the guest book at Sole East in Montauk shot with real film by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

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