A Proposal Story: Siempre Conjuntos/Always Together

A Proposal Story: Siempre Conjuntos/Always Together

Always Together

Always together. You’d say Siempre Conjuntos in Spanish. Its beautiful in both languages. Nando planned this proposal all the way from Mexico City. He engaged the exceptional team at The Quin to execute his vision for the perfect proposal. Mother nature and an adjacent construction site had other ideas, but the team rallied to get Fernando’s proposal underway.

We had a lot to do before she discovered his secret. The hotel staff chipped away *by hand* at the ice on the terrace. Because Fernando’s proposal was planned for the terrace. We weren’t going to let anything get in his way! I hid with my gear in a little nook on the terrace. I was behind a shrub. It worked well enough. I had to pop out at some point, so it was a temporary nook.

He was evidently nervous, as any man in love would be. But once he led his betrothed, an editor at Vogue Latin America, into their terrace suite full of flowers, balloons and a miraculous, frozen view of Central Park it all fit into place. I hid in a little frozen nook, kept my camera inside my jacket to keep it from freezing, and waited.

So he got on one knee and did it. Her gleeful reply, “Si!” of course. I started shooting and got everything as it unfolded naturally. Followed by an engagement session. We took to the streets! We shot a series of post proposal bliss in the suite and then on the street. This couple was so happy and very photogenic. I was thrilled to work with them. They were so much fun.

This proposal was one for the books, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it happen.

Muchos felicidades to two beautiful people. May you always be siempre conjuntos.

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