Summer Wedding Throwback

Summer Wedding Throwback

Woman in strapless dress dancing at a wedding summer-wedding-throwback
Strapless dress dancer at a country club wedding in summer.

Wedding season has come to an official close. And it is so nice to look back on hot summer nights on dance floors. Shown above is a country club wedding in Westchester. Flowers by Creative Flowers.

Summer is the best, all the tanned skin and pretty dresses. Grooms in summer weight wool. Cotton scarves, big necklaces, high heels. It is all too lovely. No wedding photographer hates it. That’s why we sign up to shoot them. They are pure fun! In like fashion, the fashion is superb.

wedding dancers at a country club summer-wedding-throwback
Wedding dancers at a country club event.

Slices of life coming to life.

How do gorgeous people become even more gorgeous on the stage of a wedding? Some shop in stores. Some shop in their closets. In any case, they look amazing. Also, its the perfect back drop to whip out the blast of a sexy flash. It makes it all even more becoming.

groom dancing with band leader summer-wedding-throwback
A groom dancing with band leader.

Dancing Till it Hurts

Dancing is as close to tribalism as we still get. Primal, beautiful, rich and above all, fun. It is the best thing ever to photograph. Arms flailed. Hips akimbo. Hair whipped. Nothing beats it. Weddings are replete with it. Your wedding will vibrate with the love of all your guests when everyone hits the dance floor.


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