Veil Roundup | 5 Wedding Veil Styles to Slay

Bride on a retro flip phone at wedding in Boston shot by destination wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Veil Roundup | 5 Wedding Veil Styles to Slay

Veil Roundup | 5 Wedding Veil Styles to Slay Your Bridal Look

Written and Photographed by top NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta.

So, I have compiled a veil roundup for you today. Here is a veil roundup|5 wedding veil styles to slay your wedding look. Short or long, you can’t go wrong. Ok I’ll stop rhyming now. In any case, if you are thinking of celebrating with this iconic beauty accessory, look no further. Get to know the difference among these 5 veil styles. Of course there are more, but we have seen a lot of these on brides lately and preCOVID. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of each is a great place to start. From short and sweet, to long and lush, we will walk you through each look. By the end of this article you’ll be a pro and you’ll be explaining this fashion accessory to us.

Veil Roundup

Here are the 5 bridal veil styles we think you need to know about. Enjoy these styles as much as we enjoyed shooting them. We are going to going to cover 5 basic veil styles today.

To enumerate, they are:

  1. Birdcage veil
  2. Blusher veil
  3. Fingertip length veil
  4. Chapel length veil
  5. Juliet cap veil

1. Birdcage Veil

Once considered retro, these have now migrated into the de rigeur category of veil styles. A birdcage wedding veil is a short veil that caresses your forehead or the top half of your face. They are usually made of mesh or stiff lace. And they are fastened to a headband or simply pinned in place to your hairstyle. If you want to lean into a mod, glam or vintage look, then this may be the choice for you. Of the 5 wedding veil styles we are writing about, this one is the shortest. It is the least veil-like. Among all the styles in this roundup, it crosses the most into fascinator territory.

A smiling bride on a flip phone talks to her sister. A joyful moment candidly captured by Angela Cappetta, fine art wedding photographer NYC

Bride reached for ring as City Hall Couple elopes from London for winter wedding shot by NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta

2. Blusher Veil

This is the boy band of the veil types. It is accessible, easy to understand and dead-sexy. The lace or netting making up this veil style is characteristically thin, and does not over conceal your face. Furthermore, there is perhaps with a medallion or trim detail on a blusher. This veil is attached in front of your face, sometimes to another longer veil in the back, creating a rich, full look. It can be anywhere from chin to shoulder length. In that regard, there is a lot of creativity involved with a blusher. However, it is definitely not a veil for a minimalist.  Traditionally, the blusher is gently placed back over your face by your beloved when you reach the end of the aisle. It is a lovely compromise between long and short veil styles.

Bride in a veil holds a bouquet and looks off to the side. Shot on location with real film by NYC Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta in East Hampton, NY.

Veil Roundup

3. Fingertip Length Veil

A fingertip length veil is exactly what is says it is: a veil which reaches to the end of your fingertips. The mid-body style of this veil covers your shoulders and arms, offering a touch of coverage for your ceremony, if you feel that is the look you want. Simply said, if you don’t want bare arms, this is a nice compromise. In our opinion, this style goes best with widest range of wedding dress looks. From garden wedding to formal, you can’t miss the mark with this one.

Central Park Wedding Dance

Central Park wedding dance in fingertip length veil.

4. Chapel Length Veil

It’s nice to see the chapel length veil enjoying a comeback. As photographers, we love this one the most. It adds drama to a simple back, making your ceremony photography more interesting. It is long, but not too long, just touching the floor without puddling. Characteristically, it goes just beyond the edge of the hem of the dress. This makes it “halo” as you walk, and perfects the look. The upper part of a chapel length veil really frames your face beautifully, and, of all the 5 veil styles in this roundup, we like shooting this one best in silhouette. It also looks super pretty when you just carry it over your arm. The delicacy of it is transformative.

FYI, there is a lot of measuring and planning with this one.

The length has to be just right, otherwise the look won’t be polished. And frankly, this veil is all about being polished. Among all the veils in this veil roundup, we like this one best with a simple dress, like a slip style, and a short or cap sleeve. It really makes a statement.

Detail of the hem of the wedding dress and veil as the couple say their vows by candle light. Shot at the New York Athletic Club with DSLR by NYC fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Real Film Crash Mansion Wedding NYC shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

Chapel length veil in red on the Lower East Side NYC shot by NYC wedding photographer Angela Cappetta

5. Juliet Cap Veil

Bottons, short gloves, all of it. Bring it on. Because a Juliet cap is the most polite veil style in this veil roundup. It is nothing short of killer with a tea length vintage dress you got on Ebay. Furthermore, this veil style cries out to be celebrated by the bride who has her retro bridal style perfected. The headband creates a daring look. And the veil attachment gives your face a bit of height and framing. This works, for example, with short or pulled up hair, bare shoulders and a sweetheart neckline. In any scenario where you really want to call back to midcentury mod, we say go for it. Just make sure you ride away in a 57 Cadillac convertible as you leave your party. Everyone wants to see you rocking the look.

Buck's County Wedding Photography. An emotional first dance shot with real film by Fine Art Wedding Photographer Angela Cappetta

The couple joyfully has the first crack at the chocolate fountain. This intimate moment was shot with real film by fine art wedding photographer Angela Cappetta.

Veil Roundup

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