Warrior Portrait: FBI Author Amy Herman

Warrior Portrait: FBI Author Amy Herman

Warrior Portrait  of Author Amy E. Herman

Warrior Portrait: Amy is the renowned author of the bestseller Visual Intelligence. When she asked me to shoot the author photo for her upcoming 2nd book, TED talk , lectures etc, I was thrilled. Every book touring author needs a solid series of photos in a few looks to tailor it to her audience.

In order to show off Amy’s gorgeous smile, we stuck with a clean beauty approach. Because of painterly light we used, her complexion shone through. Amy is a force of nature. As I got to know her I realized this is true because in addition to her abilities and accomplishments, I learned she has overcome things I couldn’t even dream of avoiding, Noteably, breast cancer for one. Amy is a breast cancer warrior and survivor, having had it and BEAT IT several times; It is important to realize that Amy never let the disease slow her down. Even in the hospital she was strategizing how to get out and back to her field which she loves so passionately.

Do yourself and pick up her book. Hollywood may or may not be turning it into a… no, I’ve said too much.

A bit about Amy from her website:  “Amy Herman developed and conducts all sessions of The Art of Perception using the analysis of works of art to improve perception and communication. She leads the program nationally for a range of institutions including the New York City Police Department, the FBI, and the Department of Defense, as well as for leaders in education, finance, and policy. She holds an AB, a JD, and an MA in art history. She lives in New York City. Books: Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life”

Words and photography by Angela Cappetta.
Hair and Makeup by Dani Levi Beauty.

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