Wedding Season Photo Tips

Wedding Season Photo Tips

Photo Tips
With wedding season bearing down in full force, its important to remember that service providers are here to help you. When looking for a top-tier photographer, consider these photo tips:

1) A Photographer Who Gets Press

Make sure they have been published. This shows a commitment to industry standard excellence and that they put 100% into everything they shoot. Only rookies have never had their work shown off in trade magazines or in the big blogs. This is a no brainer.

2) Has Shot Weddings In Different Locations

You need to know your photog is flexible. Although you may be getting married at the beach, you will want to also see a wedding they have shot in a penthouse. Know that the photog you hire can shoot a real story, this illustrates that they have experience. Look through a few weddings that the photographer has shot so you are confident in their abilities.

3) Works Well With Others

A wedding is a team effort. Look for a photographer who makes things happen but who knows how to work with other vendors. This will be evident by not only looking at their work, but by seeing the level of professionalism they bring to the day. You not only need someone with a positive, can-do attitude who listens to you and understands what you’re looking for but who also will move heaven and earth to get it done without getting in the way of other vendors.

4) Reputation

Due diligence on a photographer’s work history is up to you. Reviews are a good place to start, but also, feel free to ask for the phone number of a past client or two. A real pro with a good reputation will be happy to provide this info.

5) Professsionalism

Make sure both you and your photographer sign a contract. This demonstrates all parties are willing to commit to shooting your day in writing, and all are willing to be legally responsible for terms and conditions. This protects the both of you. Furthermore, your photographer(s) should draft some sort of photo-related itinerary for you, for you to approve. This leaves nothing to the imagination and keeps the job scope for the day fully transparent while still allowing your shooter to do what they do best.

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